Rappler Talk: Why strategic coaching matters

As today’s global and tech-driven economy continues to evolve, new leadership skills are needed as new challenges emerge. The developments in technology and an adapting workforce that's increasingly mobile and independent has forced organizations to change the way they run their business.

When you find employees who possess the leadership and basic skills that are of value to your organization, a strategic coach can help those leaders continue their development. When employees feel as if they’re growing and learning as a person, they have more appreciation for their work.

Rappler contributor Boris Joaquin interviews renowned global executive coach Peter Chee on how strategic coaching can help improve workplace environments, people, and the business itself.

In this conversation, you'll learn how strategic coaching greatly improves the work environment for employees, who feel they have an outlet to improve their organization as well as themselves; how these coaching sessions allow employees the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their organization and their colleagues.

Chee, who has coached and developed leaders in over 80 countries, will share how retaining key, competent employees can be a competitive advantage in today’s world.

Learn how the coaching approach can help organizations stay relevant in an ever-changing economy.

The interview airs live on Rappler on Monday, September 24 at 11am. – Rappler.com