INFOGRAPHIC: How to stick it out at a job you don't like

Many of us would love to jump ship when given an opportunity, but many of us can't at the moment. A lot of us need to wait a bit more and stick it out at our job simply because we don’t have a choice.

Whatever the reasons – recruiters aren’t calling yet, the company bonus is still three months away, you’re only one month new in the organization, or it’s simply hard to be unemployed for now – these situations are normal. So how do you stick it out at a job you don’t like? Check out the infographic below for some tips on what to do.


Jonathan Yabut

Jonathan Yabut is the proud Filipino winner of the hit Asian reality TV show, “The Apprentice Asia.” He is Asia’s leading motivational speaker on topics involving leadership, talent development of Gen Y workers, and office productivity. Jonathan is also the founder and managing d...