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WEBINAR: How positive leadership helps create cohesive teams

WEBINAR: How positive leadership helps create cohesive teams
Catch our Hustle webinar ‘Positive Leaders Build Positive Teams' on Wednesday, October 6, 7 pm

Given the current circumstances, a positive disposition is kind of a tall order.

Every day will test you in every way, and some days you might feel as if the world is conspiring against your vision.

But as leaders, it is in your hands to keep your team in check, cultivate a healthy organizational culture, and have the resolve to keep a strong mindset, even if things don’t always go the way you hope they would. When things go wrong, it is your job not to cave and instead offer your team positivity.

Positive leadership is a powerful tool that can help your team overcome tough challenges, both at work and in life. It’s a seed that sprouts a healthier and happier dynamic among co-workers, and it’s foundational to a connected and committed team that delivers impact and results for your business.

Join management corporate trainer and Breakthrough Leadership CEO Boris Joaquin as he sits down with bestselling author Jon Gordon on the power of positive leadership. Gordon is a worldwide bestseller, with books such as The Energy BusThe Power of Positive Leadership, and The Power of a Positive Team. 

Together, they will share insights on how to build great teams, from principles to practical tools that help teams overcome negativity and build a better culture, communication, and connection.

The webinar happens on Wednesday, October 6, 7 pm. You can catch it either on our social channels or by bookmarking this page.

Best attended as a team, this webinar is designed to strengthen your team’s positivity and resolve to withstand tough challenges at work and in life. The one-on-one interview will cover everything you need to know about building a greater team. – Rappler.com