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Marga Salvador
Multidisciplinary designer, tech and NBA enthusiast Robby Leonardi's resume = goals

Screengrab from rleonardi.com/

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Name, education, work experience, skills – it’s the same old thing on just about every resume you see online. And for the job-seekers, it’s difficult to get yours to stand out from the pile.

Yes, you might have stumbled upon video resumes, personal letterheads, or those intricate folding ones that walk the recruiter through the information. On occasion, someone will show a refreshing format or creative design, and for a minute or two, you wished you were that creative.

But multidisciplinary designer, and tech and NBA enthusiast Robby Leonardi created the ultimate interactive online resume, complete with a walking, jumping character and elements that jump up as you scroll through.

And while some industries would prefer candidates to send in traditional resumes, we’re pretty sure Robby would slay in that department, too.

Screengrab from rleonardi.com/

Screengrab from rleonardi.com/

Screengrab from rleonardi.com/

Check out (and play) his full resume here. – Rappler.com

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