In a troubled world, words of hope from Nick Vujicic

Wyatt Ong
In a troubled world, words of hope from Nick Vujicic
Nick has spoken to millions around the world – but he is nowhere near done

MANILA, Philippines – It’s been a full and fast-paced career for motivational speaker and evangelist Nick Vujicic, 33, but he’s nowhere near done. 

Born limbless due to a condition called phocomelia, Nick has said that there was “no medical explanation” for his situation. And at the age of 10, he tried to take his own life after battling feelings of worthlessness. But since his first speaking engagement at the age of 19, he hasn’t looked back.  


He’s spoken to millions around the world – but his events often have the feel of an intimate interaction, precisely because his message is so searing and powerful. He allows many of his fans to hug him, saying on his website: “The hug I’ll never forget was during one of my first speaking engagements when a girl was crying and asked if she could just come up and give me a hug.


“She came forward in front of everyone and gave me a hug, and thanked me because she said that no one has ever told her that she was loved or beautiful the way she was. Hugging disarms people generally but especially with people who don’t know how to exactly greet me.”

Speaking to me in a quick interview before his Limitless Possibilities talk, hosted by Becca Music Ministries in Manila, Nick discussed how his speaking engagements have been influenced by the current problems the world is facing. 

It’s been a world of instability recently, and I’m afraid that it’s going to get a little worse. First of all, we’re thankful for what we’ve been able to do so far, that might reduce traveling as well, depends on how bad things get,” he said.  

“Even more they’re meaningful every time we go out, it’s a realistic, sobering mindset to know that not everything’s smooth and perfect and easy and safe anymore, but even more so the reason why people need to hear a message of hope.”

Prayer, he says, is key in a very personal way for him. Though not all of his talks are faith-based, Nick has always been vocal about his belief in God and has spoken about how it’s gotten him through some very dark times. 

“You know, I just tell everyone, just take it one day at a time. I really believe faith and prayer help me, my family, to get through those times. I think nations really need to understand the power of prayer because we do need God, the human nature is selfish, the human nature wants to be dominant, human nature wants to control others.

“Unfortunately, that’s the evil side of mankind, I think we need to embrace this time where we can stand united, loving each other, helping one another out, but also praying for our enemies, not hating them, but loving them, hoping that they change what they’re doing, but I don’t believe in any change without the power of prayer.”

And while Nick is looking to slow down and spend more time with his family, especially his wife and two young sons, he’s nowhere near done yet. 


“We have mapped out 43 countries that I want to go to over the next 10 years, and I hope to reach about 3.2 billion people with a positive message, and 1.2 billion of that with a faith-based message of believing in heaven and God and Jesus,” Nick said with a grin. 

As he’s said before, Nick Vujicic is limbless, not limitless. And he has many more people he’s yet to meet and inspire. –

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