Photos from 17th Clark Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Over a hundred thousand tourists came to Pampanga to take part in the annual festival

CLARK, Pampanga  The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Field, Pampanga came to an end Sunday, February 12. The annual 4-day event is a crowd drawer bringing in over a hundred thousand tourists from all over the country.  

An estimated 28 balloonists from all over the world participated this year. But hot air balloon rides aren’t the only thing happening at the event.

The fiesta has much to do with pretty much anything that flies  sky diving and paragliding exhibitions, acrobatic air shows, and rocketry demonstrations.

The public is also invited to go fly a kite (not in the rude way), a model airplane, or visit various booths where one can go up close and personal with military aircrafts.

PRE-LAUNCH. Balloons being filled up with hot air before launch.

ANGRY KITES. Kites in Angry Bird designs are available in all colors.

CROWDS. Tens of thousands gather daily to fly kites and watch the show.

FIGHTER JETS. Vistors get to pose with planes like this one.

PILOT. An air force pilot takes a breather on top of his fighter jet. Visitors are allowed to have photos taken while sitting in the cockpit of some jets.

BAZOOKA. Pose with army soldier and his guns.

BALLOON SOUVENIRS. Hot air balloon miniatures like this one are popular souvenirs.

SLEEPY. A Korean lady watches over her baby. Crowds bring mats and sit under the sea of kites.

COLORFUL SHADE. Kids play under an umbrella while hiding from the sun.

Photos by Michael Josh VillanuevaRappler.com

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