Sex after a stroke? Why not?
People who have had a stroke can still enjoy a healthy sex life, says the Philippine Neurological Association

MANILA, Philippines – Can stroke and sex go together?

Yes, says the Philippine Neurological Association (PNA) in a press conference Tuesday, October 23.

Just take it slow, according to PNA president Dr Annette Bautista. Stroke victims also need to control their blood pressure to ensure a healthy sex life.

“We all know that for every sexual act, the nervous system part will make your blood pressure increase, your heart rate gets high,” Bautista said. “That’s normal in a sexual intercourse so you have to anticipate that.”

She gave assurances that “sex is not contraindicated in patients with stroke.”

Contrary to misconception, Bautista clarified that a stroke should not affect the sexual functions of a patient — unless in the case of a massive brain attack.

“The sex drive is usually not affected, especially for men. If one does not function, it’s the psychological part that one feels disabled. The sexual urge is still there,” she said.

Bautista admitted though that the chance of having another stroke after a first stroke is quite high.

“Let’s say in the regular population, it is like 20% percent (of the population will likely have a stroke). It will be higher, like 50%, if you have a history of stroke,” she noted.-

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