Photo wRap: October 21-27, 2012

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This week in Rappler's photo wRap: Malala Yousafzai, Syrian rebels and kitties (!), vintage photos, and the Milky Way.

MANILA, Philippines – They say pictures paint a thousand words. But on the Internet, where attention spans come and go, and virality is fast and furious, it’s easy to miss really good photos.

Don’t worry, Rappler’s got your back.

Every week, we’ll be compiling photos we found online that we think you should not miss out on. Did we leave something out? Leave a comment below and link us to your pick.

This week’s top picks:

AFP photo.

Welcome back, Malala! Earlier this month, 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban while she was on a school bus because she’s been campaigning heavily for the right of girls to education.

On October 20, her doctors reported that she’s been able to stand up for the first time since her attack.

Get better soon, little one! The world needs more people like you. (Photo source)


Image courtesy of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Starry, starry night. Why take a photo of 84 million stars in the Milky Way? Why not! That’s probably what the team of astronomers at the Parnal observatory were thinking when they took this awesome photo (or at least we’d like to think so).

The photo, the team said, “should help them better understand how our universe has changed over time.”


Screengrab from Facebook. 

St. Pedro Calungsod–doll version? Last Sunday, the country was captivated and enthralled by the canonization of our second Filipino saint. This photo in particular, piqued our (short) attention (spans).

We can continue to pore over what the canonization of Calungsod means to today’s youth, or we can even continue to debate over Calungsod’s real hometown but we’re sure about two things: 1) this doll version of the saint is adorable and 2) we want one. (Photo source)


Photo from the Huffington Post.

Virality helps one homeless guy. This is why we love the Internet, guys. That image above went viral online after it was posted by a tourist outside a church in Brazil.

Meet Rafael Nunes, a former model turned homeless guy turned internet celebrity turned poster boy for the pitfalls of drug abuse.

“And the society looks down on my situation. I’ve encountered people where, the worse your situation, the more they don’t even see that you’re human,” he said in a TV interview. (Photo source)


Photo from Reddit.

Turns out, even Syrian rebels find it hard to say no to the Internet’s favorite animal–the kitty. Leave it to Reddit users to compile these photos of Syrian rebels and “their obsession with cats.”

“Regardless of how awful the situation, even a civil war, people will find time to take care of animals,” wrote Cates Holderness of Buzzfeed. As of posting, the situation in Syria has not changed much, despite a Holiday truce.


Image from Facebook.

Technically this photo belongs to our other weekly wRap, but we also want it here so bah, humbug. As of posting, it has over 880 “likes” and 1,360 “shares.” I guess his (whoever he is) wood-hatching skills are that good. (Photo source)

Are you a fan of vintage photos? You might want to check out the official Malacañan Palace page for your daily dose of history. And speaking of blasts from the past…


Photo from Life.

In case you didn’t know, the photo above is of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she was in college. Take note, you hipsters! That is how you rock John Lennon glasses. She turned 65 this week, but depending on the results of the 2012 Presidential elections in a few days, she won’t be retiring any time soon. (Photo source)

Despite having said in the past that she’s leaving her post after US President Barack Obama’s first term, she recently dropped hints that she might just stay on for longer. Should she stay or should she go?


US President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney participate in the third and final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, October 22, 2012. The showdown focusing on foreign policy is being held in the crucial toss-up state of Florida just 15 days before the election and promises to be among the most watched 90 minutes of the entire 2012 campaign. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB

From bayonets and horses to other passive-aggressive tirades–that and more happened when Obama went head-to-head against Governor Mitt Romney in the third (and last) of the US Presidential Debates. The two were supposed to talk about foreign policy but based on the debate, the “world” is a small place after all. We’ll let Slate explain.

And surprise, surprise… both sides say they’re winning (not the Charlie Sheen kind, we hope). Politics might just be more fun in the United States after all (but you be the judge–check out previous stories on the Rappler #PHvote microsite).


Photo by Rappler's Bardo Wu.

We love cupcakes. We love them even more when they’re this cute. This is something a former Newsbreak member sent us last week. Suffice to say, we couldn’t stop fawning over these pretty little things (if you follow the team on Twitter, you’d know this for a fact). The best part? The cupcakes themselves were good too! 

Got any photos you think should be in the list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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