Your 2017 Horoscope: What’s in store for you this year?

Patricia Evangelista
Your 2017 Horoscope: What’s in store for you this year?
Here are the adventures the stars have mapped out for you in 2017!

MANILA, Philippines – A new year is upon us and new adventures await, but what do the stars have in store for you?

Here are astrologer Dadhichi Toth’s predictions for next few months, plus more in-depth predictions when you click on the link on each sign.

Look for your sign below and find out what 2017 has to offer!


In 2017 Pluto continues transiting your 10th house of profession indicating immense changes taking place in your career. This has been going on for some time but now intensifies and transformation is likely to take place throughout the year leading you to take radical steps professionally. In particular, the earlier part of the year should be a prominent one, with the likelihood of some sort of promotion or at least new doors opening, indicating the same. Some of these changes may be profound but also unanticipated due to the effect of Uranus in your Sun sign. 

You’re lucky this year, and this is a continuation of the transit of Jupiter in your seventh house of public relations. New directions in your relationships and also sudden moves by business partners and other associates will amaze you. This may also have consequences in your professional arena.

The opposition to the Sun on the 24th of March shows you may be either working too hard, taking unnecessary risks, or maybe dealing with power trippers who are obstructing you in your work or relationships. 

Saturn has a long-standing transiting your ninth house but also continues throughout 2017 impacting upon your higher ideals. Philosophy, legal and ethical matters will come under the hammer. 


Welcome to 2017 Taurus! In looking at your general overview, your ruling planet Venus is well-placed in your 10th house of profession and self-development as the coming year commences. The Moon is also associated with your professional life and general affairs and is the ruler of your third house, which indicates you are prepared to take some calculated risks this year to achieve something special in your life.

You are more confident, self-assured and in some ways influential, with Pluto in trine aspect to your Sun sign. On April 20, Pluto goes retrograde and continues his backward dance until September 29 indicating a very powerful revision of your use of power, how to negotiate with others, and how in turn, this may impact your ethical and moral standards. You are slowly breaking free of your past limitations.

Saturn, the planet of tests, however, and a friendly planet to you, continues its journey in your important eighth house of shared resources, intimacy, and sexuality. It’s not until December 20; the tail end of the year, that it moves into your ninth house indicating that the lessons of the past two years in your relationships may have now finally been digested and learned from. This certainly hasn’t been an easy time for you and these tests may continue a while longer.

On the matter of relationships, Jupiter produces far more favorable results are transit your seventh house after October 10. This will be a very important new cycle in your relationships and finally one which brings you the right sort of person, especially if you haven’t been lucky in love. 


It’s another year Gemini, 2017 so welcome! Mars, Neptune and Ketu or the South node, dominate your horoscope as the year commences, being in the upper part of your horoscope, the 10th house. Mars is a dynamic planet and being in the company of idealistic Neptune means that this year you have big plans to make your dreams concrete in every way possible. As Mars rules your 11th house and sixth house, you will be strongly focused on fulfilling your dreams in a professional arena which will ultimately bolster your self-confidence and chances for success.

Money will be particularly important and has been for some time. You will be doing your best to improve the area of business dealings, other people’s money, banking, and savings in your life even if it means making radical changes. The stationary, retrograde, and direct movements of Pluto on and around 20 April and again on September 29 would be focal points for this particular subject.

You may have some surprises with friends and new acquaintances. You could expand your horizons through new meetings but could also be in danger of spreading yourself thin, taking on too many obligations socially and promising more than you can deliver. You must definitely have a planner or diary through which you can manage your affairs throughout 2017 or risk running yourself ragged through not having enough time to devote to those whom you consider worthy of your friendship.

You have been learning some pretty significant lessons over the past two years and hopefully now throughout the coming year you will be able to put those lessons into practice and improve your love life and more importantly your marriage if you happen to be in a long term committed relationship.  


2017 is a particularly important year for you, Cancer, particularly the last quarter, when Jupiter is transiting your fifth house on October 10 and with Saturn moving to your significant house of relationships on December 20. Leading up to that time, you need to prepare yourself for the very big changes that are likely to occur. This doesn’t mean that the earlier part of the year won’t be quite as important. Quite the contrary, you need to be on your toes and ready for the remarkable shifts that will take place.

There are tests in the early part of the year with Jupiter making a square aspect to your Sun sign leading up to March 13 and this brings with it some challenges to your self-knowledge, self-discipline, and also self-restraint. The lesson for you in this part of the year is containment. Bringing together all your energies, gathering your strengths, and clearly understanding your best resources is an excellent idea as the year begins. You mustn’t get caught up in any sort of illusory pie in the sky so keep everything practical.

You’re interested in traveling and higher learning as Mars will transit your ninth house of higher education and travel in the early part of the year, up until January 28. You will have strong connections with foreigners, planning journeys, and also connecting with new ideas. For those of you wanting to study this is an excellent time to do so, as Mars gives you the vim and vigor necessary to succeed.

Work is not so easy in the earlier part of the year, as changes may not go the way you expect – patience will be necessary. You will have to put in a lot more effort than usual to achieve the same results, but through this process you will learn a lot more as well. Developing new systems and approaches to your work require you to let go of your old habits and this will also necessitate shouldering of heavy responsibilities.


In 2017 you are continuing your journey to understand yourself more clearly. Saturn is inhibitive influence over the past year or so has made it difficult for you to feel yourself, and in so many ways you’ve been out of character in trying to deal with this test of inner strength. This cycle seems to be preventing you from flowing as easily as you usually do not only creatively but in terms of your relationships.

February is an important month and sets the trend for the whole of the year given a lunar and solar eclipse taking place on the 11th and 27th of the month respectively. Who you are, where you came from and what it is you hope to achieve in life will all be under the microscope under this eclipse. 

By fully accepting the challenge of this eclipse, you can grow in stature spiritually and come to understand many aspects of your personality and life which are rooted in your past experiences. Some of those experiences may not necessarily be happy once, but as I always say, the intelligent gardener uses his bull’s shit as fertilizer to grow fragrant smelling flowers.

The solar eclipse on February 27 takes place in the sign of Pisces, which is also a deep and mysterious house of the zodiac, representing self-transformation. Because the Sun is your ruler, it also stands to reason that there will be a flow, an effect from the lunar eclipse and this may be even more powerful in helping radically transform your views on life, your relationships in particular, and in some ways, your sexuality and intimacy.

Your professional life will also be important this year as the ruler of your 10th house of career, Venus, is positive in the last few degrees of the seventh house of Aquarius. The success of your work throughout 2017 rests on your ability to reach out and work effectively with the team, in partnership. By acknowledging others, delegating tasks to those who are capable, you not only free yourself up with more time, but you learn the earlier lesson mentioned that compassion and generosity in sharing and giving will help you grow in stature spiritually.


Saturn will maintain its position in your fourth house and will continue its transit until 20 December 2017. This means you are still under the influence of this testing planet and in the area of your family and domestic circumstances, it is clear that you still have some lessons to learn and these will continue. Fortunately, you have a beautiful trine aspect from Saturn to Uranus at this means you are able to blend some of the more conservative aspects with progressive models to enhance your home life experience. You need to think outside the box to essentially work through some of these issues.

Jupiter is, however, still quite favorable up until October and you have opportunities to expand your horizons with money, income, and other business activities. No doubt you will have challenges as Pluto is in square, meaning that you need to deal with power trippers and other people who may be trying to manipulate you in your business transactions. If you are careful however, this is a year when you can make great strides by improving your income and quality of life.

Many of your planets are in the western part of your horoscope indicating a strong outward tendency and the need to connect with many people during the coming 12 months. That may give you the impetus to connect with a lot of people, giving you the drive to forge new relationships, but at times this militant planet is not well-placed in this seventh house and can create some disagreements. You need to take a cordial position when dealing with others, especially in the first month or two of the year.

Big changes are on the cards with Jupiter opposing Uranus in the early part of March. Expect sudden and abrupt events to affect your finances and also your value system. You may decide to alter radically how you perceive money and what things really mean to you. You may come to some spiritual realization about this during this cycle.


Saturn’s continuing journey through your third house of communication, thinking and sure journeys will affect you throughout the whole of 2017. There is a quality of deliberation and even seriousness associated with this transit so you must, under all circumstances, try to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude to use this energy in the best way possible in the coming 12 months. The excellent trine aspect to Uranus in your marital sector ensures that you can use this in a quirky way to improve your relationships and also the way you communicate to people generally. 

Saturn rules your domestic life as well as children in these areas will be predominantly focused as far as communication, negotiation and in some cases relocation are concerned. Because of the aspect of Uranus, there may be moments of uncertainty and unexpected events surrounding relationships with these people including your spouse or significant other.

When Jupiter opposes Uranus in early March your relationships may undergo unexpected changes and in some cases these changes may not necessarily be what you want. Remember that all changes ultimately good but it all depends on the attitude you bring to the event. You may have to change your attitude very quickly to recover a failing relationship.

With Jupiter trining your ninth house of education, travel and spiritual ideals, this can turn out to be an excellent time to expand your mental and spiritual horizons. Journey should be pleasant and also enlightening in the people you meet through these activities may turn out to be great mentors who assist you on your spiritual path. 

The second house of your horoscope relates to finances, income and what you value materially, and when Jupiter transits this area of your horoscope whole new cycle can be expected to begin. This starts on October 10 and continues for approximately one year. Brand-new opportunities present themselves and you can expand your business, your professional interest and this being the house of cash, expect your bank account to start swelling. Good for you!


Although things have been in abeyance for a couple of years for those born under the sign of the scorpion, things are about to change during 2017 and this is clear from the transit of Jupiter nearing your Sun sign in the earlier part of the year and finally making contact with your Sun sign Scorpio on October 10.

To gain the best out of this year you must still work with Jupiter in your 12th house of low-key activities, planning, and secret insights. It is predominantly a spiritual house in your horoscope and therefore much of what has been happening, even if it doesn’t feel too positive is in fact ultimately for your own good and unique development. You can expand yourself tremendously through this mechanism of Jupiter and deepen your spiritual insights as well is your intuition.

This is a year when you need to trust that intuition and delve deeply into what it is you want to do and ascertain when the best times to do that are. You can only do that I tuning into yourself and not relying too much on what other people have to tell you.

The transit of Jupiter is also significant for another reason – it fully aspects your seventh house of marriage and relationships. Of course when you are completely snowed under by financial and business worries, it’s hard to really put your heart and soul into a relationship when you’re distracted by all these other bushfires, so to speak. The advantage of Jupiter transiting your Sun sign is that it will bring more optimism and a better connection spiritually to those you love, in particular your chosen partner or spouse. You should anticipate the last quarter of 2017 being better both for your relationships as well is your finances.

You’re two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, need to be looked at to give you an overview of what is likely to have throughout the coming 12 months as well. With the transit of your ruling planet Pluto, the most transformational of all planets in your third house of communication, it is likely many of you have opted for a very different communication style. The manner in which you engage others may have changed and this is because you don’t have too much time now to bother with superfluous matters, petty people or those who aren’t interested in forging deep and long-term relationships with you. Your communication is all about attrition, cutting through to what’s important and eliminating what’s not.


You are able to keep building upon your focus and attention to what it is you want throughout 2017 is Saturn continues its transit through your Sun sign. This is a specifically important transit and has been underway for at least a year now bringing with it challenges but also opportunities for great growth in your life and relationships. Some of the significant areas that may have been and will continue to be affected are your own personal ideals, the way you present yourself to the world, your family life, your relationships and also your professional activities.

Fortunately you have the support of friends as shown by your ruling planet Jupiter moving through the 11th house of social connections and this is an excellent placement for forging better friendships with your existing circle of friends, and also expanding that circle to include newcomers. This is also a wonderful placement to improve upon your financial affairs, as the 11th house is the house of profits for those of you who are particularly engaged in independent lines of business you should see an expansion and an improvement in those areas.



Charitable affairs may also take precedence and this may happen naturally as a consequence of someone close to you, perhaps in your family, or a friend, needing assistance. Apart from this, you may find an interest developing through organizations who help the underprivileged or those in some sort of need. This is a time of reflection and will set the stage for bigger and better things once Jupiter re-emerges from this sign.

The North node relates to your karma and future potential and transits through your 10th house of career up until June 2017. This is an important transit and usually indicates an area of frustration where you may know exactly what you want but may be obstructed by others or perhaps even your own fear. In some ways this could be an extension of the Jupiter and Uranus opposition spoken of above.

Much of the confusion you’ve had will have disappeared, so it’s a matter of timing as to when you might exit the role you’ve been in for some time, educate yourself in some new skills or simply take some time out to discover what it is you really want to do in life. This may also bring you in contact with foreign sources or information that may color your decision-making process in respect of your work. All of these things are likely under the transit of the North node through your 10th house of professional activities.


You will continue to work on expanding your professional horizons throughout 2017, at least up until October 10, when Jupiter transits out of your 10th house of career into the 11th house of social activities and friendships. This will also see a culmination of your efforts at work because the 11th house indicates fulfilment in life as well as profitability financially. In short, Jupiter promises to be of great benefit to those born under the sign of the goat in the coming 12 months.

The last quarter of the year, you may seek out a whole new range of friendships which will suit your life path much better. Jupiter rules your 12th house which is a house of expense and exertion and transiting through the 11th house after October indicates that you may realize some of the people you have been hanging around with simply want to use you. On one level, you feel good about helping others, but you may start to finally open your eyes to the fact that there is very little reciprocation and that you are the one doing all of the giving. That will change in the last part of 2017.

Family affairs may continue to baffle you as Uranus is still making its impact felt on the domestic scene. Unexpected changes by others or even decisions that you choose to make on the spur of the moment have long ranging ramifications so you should be careful to think your decisions through a little more carefully before jumping the gun. 

Some of your views may be altered by your contact with foreign people or cultures. Unusual ideas will see more attractive to you during this coming 12 months. By the same token, this may be preceded by a period of doubt or questioning of your traditional belief systems. You may start to understand that having a belief system doesn’t necessarily translate into practical efficiency. You may want more tangible proof to follow through on any religious or philosophical beliefs.


The proverbial J curve applies to Aquarius in 2017 inasmuch as learning is concerned. With Uranus in your third house of thinking and communication with Jupiter, the expensive benefic transiting your ninth house of tertiary education, philosophy and higher mind, you continue on your path of expanding your information base, skill sets and perception of self and life generally. In the recent past, some of these leaps into wisdom have come at some, maybe even great cost at times but always accompanied by great challenges. Remember though, that the job of Pluto is to renovate and eliminate those things in your life which are of no longer any use.

Your sense of self-determination may feel cramped if the demands of the responsibilities you have in your relationship start to outweigh that freedom you so desire. This is not an impossible problem to solve but you have to use your Aquarian mind in clever ways if you are to communicate what you want and give the other person the sense that it’s a win-win and that they are also getting something out of the deal. That’s Uranus on the third house again, pointing the way.

Your secondary ruling planet of Saturn transiting through your 11th house of goal fulfilment, friendships, and social connections, is good in one sense but it’s slow pace may delay the success you’ve been waiting for after working hard for some time. Position of Saturn will continue in this placement up until December 20. The full effect of its transit is yet to be felt and we will look later of how its impact upon you will be felt in concert with some of the other planets in your horoscope.

Try not to be too sentimental about things, even if the advice is that you must balance your highly active in intellectual mind, because the above eclipse signifies health issues based upon worry, negative inner emotions, and frustrations. The sixth house, which the Moon rules, also relates to enemies, and with this important eclipse taking place in your Sun signed references to the fact that you yourself may be your own worst enemy both in terms of your health and in terms of the relationships we are discussing.

Fortunately, Jupiter is in your ninth house and this is considered one of the luckiest placements which can counteract many other challenging planetary aspects. Jupiter has also been involved in the same square to Pluto from the opposite ends of the heavens. This is called a T-square with Pluto being the pivot. You mustn’t fear the influence of this planet because whatever you lose now materially or in terms of your relationships, will be of great benefit to you in ways that you may not understand just now. There is an element of trust needed to move forward with self-confidence knowing that wherever you end up is going to be ultimately the best for you. 


Welcome to 2017 Pisces! This is an extraordinary year for you as Saturn, continues its journey through your professional sphere, bringing with it even greater responsibilities and challenges but success if you’re prepared to step up to the plate and use these energies in a constructive way. Saturn will finally exit this part of your horoscope on December 20 marking a new phase of profitability and life fulfilment, the likes of which you haven’t experienced for almost 30 years. But for the meantime, you can expect more demands from your work which in turn will create a psychological environment for you to be the best you can.

Pluto, with its conjunction of the Sun in the first week of January, shows just how intense you are about achieving your goals this year. Mercury also makes conjunction to Pluto on January 30 revealing the depth and perspicacity of your mind and the important communications that will underscore your relationships this year. The transformative influence of Pluto has been changing your attitude to friendships and 2017 will be no different. The process of clearly identifying those people you wish to maintain relationships with or not will continue and may even intensify in the next couple of years. You are clear that you only want people in your life were going to engage with you mutually on every level.

When Jupiter finally moves to your ninth house of luck, journeys, and tertiary education on October 10, you’ll start to see a positive shift in many departments of life. You may find yourself on a search for the meaning of life, and your thirst for knowledge could cause you to consider a new course of study or resume educational pursuits that you’d left off previously. It is also quite likely that new doors of opportunity will open allowing you to study, teach, and travel.

The fourth house transit of Mars between April 21 and June 5 brings much of your attention to family matters. The Sun also transits this part of your horoscope on May 21 up until June 21. These two hot planets can create friction in your domestic sphere so it is imperative that you talk about your feelings rather than bottling them up and exploding at a later time. Real estate matters may also be up at the top of your agenda. This includes renovation, construction and even purchase of larger fixed asset items such as cars, boats and land.

Your love life is spiced up considerably with Mars transiting through your fifth house of romance between June 5 and July 20. September 5 to October 23 is also romantically revved up with Mars moving through your seventh house. You will want greater intimacy in your relationships but may be heavy-handed in your way of approaching these things. If you’re meeting someone for the first time try to curb your impulse to push the relationship forward at a pace that is not in keeping with their needs or personality style. Mars is generally a good planet for you but it still has its inherent impulsive and combative nature.

Whatever your prediction is for 2017, we wish you all the best this new year! –

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