34 Filipino web comic artists to follow

Check out some of the best local comic artists and their work!

MANILA, Philippines – Can you remember the first comic strip you ever read? Did it become an instant favorite? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you want to pick up a pen and start drawing?

These days, comic book characters from our childhood are being brought back to life through the many adaptations on the big and small screen. However, it’s time we also shined a spotlight on young and upcoming comic artists who are making their own waves online.

If you grew up loving the exciting adventures of Captain Barbell and the classic heroine Dyesebel, you might love getting to know these contemporary characters and stories, too. Try reading the hugot-enducing love story of Uy Si Crush and the fresh and funny Little Things PH

There may be no school like the old school, but new kids on the block can certainly hold their own.

Here are 34 local web comics and artists you should check out!


Here’s where you can follow them online:

Ambula – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Andoyman – Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Ang Sumpa

Ardie Aquino – FacebookInstagramWordPress

AxM Stories – Facebook

Burgers and Cheese-mis – Facebook, Website

Callous – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tapas, Blog, Website

Cheesyfit – FacebookTwitterInstagramWebsiteCheesyfit

Cyanroll – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gumroad, Website 

Freely Abrigo – Deviantart

Gatusby – Facebook, Instagram 

Grickenfish – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

Hulyen – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

Hunghang Flashbacks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tapas 

Jeffrey Benitez – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, Website

Jordan Villa – Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart

Killer Kamote Komiks – Facebook, Instagram, Website

Lakan at Makisig – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, TapasWebsite 

Libreng Komiks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website

Likeman Komiks – Facebook

Little Things PH – Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Ko-fi 

Lizette Daluz – Facebook, Instagram

Loser Mangaka – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tapas

Opismeyts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website

Overheard Comics – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

Paolo Jomadiao – Facebook

Paper Drawing Studio – Facebook, Website 

Rob Cham – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Lost ComicWebsite

Silent Sanctum Manga – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, Blog

Split Second Miracle Komiks – Facebook

Sskait – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The Panda Within – FacebookTwitterInstagramWordPressYouTubeThe Panda Within 

TRIBO – Facebook

Uy Si Crush – Facebook

Windmillls – Facebook

If you know any other Filipino web comic artist we should feature, you can share their work on X– Rappler.com