Chrome extension brings Instagram back to Twitter

Victor Barreiro Jr.
A Google Chrome extension gets around the Instagram's disabling of Twitter Cards support

INSTATWIT IT. A Chrome extension breaks through the barrier posed by Instagram's disabling of Twitter Cards on the service. Taken on December 10, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – If you’re not a fan of Instagram’s earlier disabling of Twitter Cards support, there’s now a way around it: InstaTwit.

Michael Schonfeld, known as @BaconSeason on Twitter, tweeted a new creation of his that would allow Instagram pictures to show up on Twitter if you’re running Google Chrome. Despite its amusing name, InstaTwit does what it says, enabling Tweets with instagram links to show the actual pictures on Google’s browser. 

As The Next Web writes, Schonfeld says there’s nothing secret about his Chrome extension, as “it scans the tweet text when you click to “open a card”. If it sees an Instagram link, it figures out the photo URL, and injects it right into the card.” Furthermore, Schonfeld adds that if Instagram tries to alter their URL shortening mechanism, all he would need to do is update the extension to keep things going.

Those looking to keep Instagram working on Twitter may consider using getting InstaTwit for their use on the Chrome browser. –

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