Megan Young’s advice to the Miss World PH 2017 candidates

Vernise Tantuco
Megan Young’s advice to the Miss World PH 2017 candidates

LeAnne Jazul

Megan surprises the ladies at a talk on social media at Rappler HQ!

MANILA, Philippines – Many young women look up to Miss World 2013 Megan Young, including, of course, the new batch of ladies who are vying to win the Miss World Philippines (MWP) 2017 crown.

On Friday, August 4, a casually dressed Megan dropped by the Rappler headquarters to give the MWP 2017 candidates a few words about how they presented themselves on social media and what to expect in the coming weeks.

All 35 of the ladies were at Rappler for a talk on using social media for social good by Rappler’s MovePH Director Rupert Ambil and Social Media Head Stacy de Jesus.

Megan’s appearance was a surprise to the candidates present, whom she addressed for the first time as a group.

Photo by LeAnne Jazul/Rappler

The Miss World 2013 first spoke about social media, and how it was important to think about what one posts. When she was competing for a crown, she said, she would rarely post “glam” photos, not only because it was a directive from the pageant, but also because she wanted the focus of her social media presence to be on her advocacies.

“I think now that you’re trying to push for becoming Miss Philippines, you wanna try to push for being a spokesperson or somebody who wants to advocate goodwill,” she told the ladies, encouraging them to post things that will inspire others.

Photo by LeAnne Jazul/Rappler

She continued: “But what is something else that you can offer aside from [beauty and glamor]? I think that’s the something different that we need to think of. How can I socially influence my co-candidate? How can I socially influence my brother, my sister, a college friend, or even just somebody down the street that doesn’t even know what advocacies do? How can you inform them? So I guess it just starts from being conscious.”

Megan added that she usually asks her boyfriend, brother, or friends what they think about something she may post before she puts it up.

Expectations for Miss World Philippines

Photo by LeAnne Jazul/Rappler

The 35 competing ladies were chosen on July 29, and will be presented to the press on August 7.

The ladies have been in the competition for a week and have many more challenges to take on before coronation night.

For the coming weeks, Megan told the ladies that the pageant organizers and the people around them are bound to be stressed, but they should understand where that stress is coming from.

“They want the best for you ladies, so ang advice ko sa inyo (so my advice for you) is help your chaperones out, help the people in charge out by being on time, by being nice to your peers, and by doing your job well,” said Megan. “There’s a lot expected from you guys, so for me, just enjoy what you have with your co-candidates and you know, do what’s expected of you. –

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