Say yes! How to find the perfect wedding dress for your body type

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Say yes! How to find the perfect wedding dress for your body type
Everyone wants to have the perfect dress for their big day. Let your silhouette guide your sense of style!

MANILA, Philippines – Most women have dreamt about their wedding day since they were little. Thanks to the Disney princesses we all admired and looked up to growing up, we all wish that we’d also wear a beautiful gown like theirs on our big day. They all had one thing in common, too – big, frothy confections with mile-long trains. As we grow older however, our tastes begin to change until we finally realize that sometimes, gowns like those of the Disney princesses aren’t for us. But what is the best dress for you? Let this guide lead the way!


Petite brides should wear slim and structured gowns. They should avoid gown designs that have too much beadwork or appliques. A tube gown would be ideal because the silhouette will draw the eye upward, thus elongating your frame. An Empire waistline would be ideal as well, to create the illusion of a longer body.



If this is your body type, an empire cut is the perfect gown for your figure – strategic draping adds drama as well.

Another common concern for this body type are the arms. Many think that the best thing to do to minimize larger arms is to cover up this part of the body but in truth, the more you try to cover your arms the more attention this draws. As an alternative, sheer sleeves is perfect for being both functional and sexy. 



Women who are gifted with a big bust either want to reveal or hide it. Living in a predominantly Catholic country however, we are not allowed to expose too much. Most churches don’t even allow a low back or tube gowns, so conservative dressing is key if you’re having a church wedding. One of the most popular styles is a square neckline as it not only looks great on any body type, but also conceals. Matching it with a full or ball gown style skirt adds a unique touch to it as well.

Simple spaghetti straps on top of a tube gown is a classic look that would pass church standards too. Lastly, a structured, off-the-shoulder neckline is perfect for offering a subtle curve that minimizes a large bust.


Curvy or Hourglass

You have a choice of either showing off your curvy body or hiding it. A perfect gown silhouette is the serpentine style, which follows the shape of your curves.

Another style is the mermaid, which gives you a dramatic drop from above the knee all the way down. In contrast, if you don’t want to highlight your shape, opt to have a gown that is cut at the waist with a full skirt or a ball gown.


Lean and Straight

With a body like a model, you can pretty much get away with any style and look great. What is very important is to enhance your overall look. For example, you can wear a straight cut dress with a see through lace or cut-out design to add a stylish illusion. Gowns with geometric designs or patterns are great details as well and make you look taller. 



Brides-to-be also shouldn’t forget to move around in the gown during fittings, and test its comfort. Having the heels you will be wearing on the big day helps as well, so you won’t have to worry about tripping. Always choose a dress that you can be proud of 10, 20, or even 50 years after your wedding day. Finally, enjoy the preparations! Preparing for your wedding is one of the best experiences you will ever have so it is best to make it as fun as possible. –

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