WATCH: Unicorns poop rainbows in this hilarious ad
WATCH: Unicorns poop rainbows in this hilarious ad
You’ll never look at unicorns or ice cream the same way again

MANILA, Philippines – Everybody loves a good, perfectly-twirled soft serve cone, but this ad might make you think twice the next time you dig into one.

The ad for Squatty Potty, a toilet stool brand that promises to help you have “the best poop of your life,” stars a prince and a unicorn, whose rainbow ice cream poops are twirled to perfection with the help of the squatty potty.

It’s a strange video, and it may turn you off ice cream for the next few days, but the hardworking unicorn is sure to make you giggle, gag, or both.

The ad is so convincing, it actually raked in record sales for Squatty Potty – which proves that unicorns – even pooping ones – really do have that magic touch. –

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