7 fun facts: Meet Miss Multinational PH 2017 Sophia Senoron

Alexa Villano
7 fun facts: Meet Miss Multinational PH 2017 Sophia Senoron
Meet the Philippine representative to the Miss Multinational pageant in India

MANILA, Philippines – Sophia Senoron was a 17-year-old student when she competed in the Miss World Philippines 2017 competition last September. Now 18 and after months of training, Sophia is ready to compete for the Miss Multinational pageant in New Delhi, India from February 16-26, 2018

Sophia left Friday, February 16 for the contest where she will be competing with more than 50 women from around the world. Let’s get to know more about Sophia:

1. She is the youngest among the Miss World Philippines winners. During the send-off party for her on Thursday, February 15, Sophia was asked how she has grown as a woman after winning the title.

DARK HORSE. Sophia wins the title of Miss Multinational Philippines during the coronation night last September at the Mall of Asia Arena. File photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

“To start with, I think the biggest impact I wanted to make [to] the Philippine media that I was not  a typical teenager to begin with. I feel that something that my [Miss World Philppines] sisters would agree with me on .

“Although I still have the emotional state of a 17-year-old at that time that’s why after every segment I would always cry after my number was being called and they would have to calm me. But I think in terms of maturity, responsibility and being able to hold my ground, I think that has been with me all through out because you really need it if you want to pursue something in this industry. I don’t think I would have won or I wouldn’t be in my place right now if I wasn’t responsible and mature.”

2. She is champion debater. One of the qualities people love about Sophia is her gift of gab. She is a debater and has competed in various competitions locally and internationally.

During the send-off, Sophia opened up about how debating has helped become a better public speaker.

“I’m a varsity debater when I’m not a beauty queen. So it comes with the career. You have to be able to speak your opinions very [clearly] and be very [good] in speaking. I was just blessed to have that – to be part of a debate society has opened my eyes to new perspectives, to understanding [everyone] but at the same time, being able to voice out your opinions and perspectives as well. And because of that, I [have] become the person that I am today.”


3. Proud San Beda Red Lion. Sophia is currently a junior in San Beda University, taking up Financial Management. She has been able to balance her studies along with her beauty queen duties with the Miss World Philippines Organization.

In an interview with Rappler beauty pageant writer Voltaire Tayag last September, Sophia shared that many of her classmantes, teachers and staff came to watch the pageant to cheer on her.

“When they found out that I was going to join… and joining beauty pageants wasn’t really popular in our school, they were like, ‘we have to watch.’ And you know in ‘Beda, when we roar, we’re really loud.”


4. She loves the beach. Based on her Instagram account, Sophia shares her love for the sun and sand. She has shared a number of photos at the beach with her Miss World Philippines sisters.


A post shared by Sophia Sordan Senoron (@sophiasenoron) on



A post shared by Sophia Sordan Senoron (@sophiasenoron) on

5 On being petite. At 5’4″, Sophia is short by pageant standards. But with the likes of Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and fellow Miss World Philippines sister, Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Teresita Marquez winning their respective competitions, they proved that height doesn’t matter in pageantry.

HEIGHT DOESN'T MATTER. Sophia believes that she may not be the tallest girl but she has the big personality people can love. Photo from Facebook/Miss World Philippines


“They’ve legitimized and [they] made it credible for me to say that height doesn’t matter at all, cause I may be the smallest, but I know that I have the biggest personality. So I think that’s what I have to offer,” she said.

6. Her mom’s one big advice. Sophia said that she has gotten so many reminders and advice from her mom, but one stood out the most for her:

“The most important one is don’t mind other people. Like don’t use their standards and point them onto yourself because you’re always going to be different. I’m always always going to be different. I’m always going to be the one you always see because she’s so strange but that’s your biggest asset,” Sophia shared.


7. She’s a big fan of Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen. Sophia was asked who she would love to have a long talk with during an airplane flight and she picked Sushmita, who she looks up to as one of her inspirations.

RADIANT QUEEN. Sophia says she would love to meet Sushmita Sen, who the Miss Universe 1994 title in Manila. File photo by Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

Sophia said that she would love to meet Sushmita given a chance. She was also asked the question that the Indian beauty queen answered during her Q and A in the 1994 Miss Universe in Manila – what is the essence of a woman?

“The essence of a woman is when she is [undoubtedly] herself, when she’s able to immerse herself in her perfect imperfections. When she’s able to understand and to be able to relate to other people… the way a woman creates love, the way a woman spreads love is the essence of a woman.” –Rappler.com

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