Impressions and prices: blk’s new line of lipsticks

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Impressions and prices: blk’s new line of lipsticks
blk has 9 new shades. Check them out here!

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Anne Curtis’ makeup brand blk recently released a new collection of lip colors – just in time for the Philippines’ rainy season.

The “All That Feels” line offers 9 new shades in different formulas, shades, and undertones.

Much like previously released shades, the new collection is named after moods – or “feels,” if you will – and comes in 3 familiar finishes: the all day intense matte lipstick, the velvet lip cream, and the long-lasting liquid matte lipstick.

Thinking about adding a shade or two (or more) to your make-up collection but not sure which one to pick up? We have you covered.


All That Feels” Velvet Lip Cream, in Stylish, Adorable, and Graceful (P299)

The velvet lip creams are a personal favorite. They glide on like a cream and the staying power isn’t so bad either. blk says the formula has Vitamin E and Camellia Oil, conditioning lips while providing that punch of color.

Top to bottom: Stylish, Adorable, and Graceful

Stylish is a peachy pink, Adorable is a nice and fairly muted nude pink, and Graceful – another personal favorite – is a nice, berry red that’s wearable enough for even the most easygoing of days.

While the formula doesn’t really last that long, it’s the choice for girls like me with really dry lips. You can skip the lip balm with this one.

“All That Feels” All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick, in Fresh, Daring, and Dazzling (P299)

Let me start off with a disclaimer that in general, I do not fare well with any matte formula because my lips are drier than Metro Manila in the middle of summer.

So it was a pleasant surprise that blk’s matte lipsticks packed a lot of matte intensity and stayed put while still being comfortable on the lips.

Top to bottom: Fresh, Daring, and Dazzling

Dazzling is a beautiful magenta that looks like Mac Rebel’s cousin from the pink side of the family. Fresh is a dusty rose that pulls yellower on fairer, yellow-toned skin tones, and rosier on more morena skin tones. Daring, described as a magenta, looks really bright on arm swatches but looks a little more toned down on the lips. 

The lipstick does pull a bit upon application, but it’s nothing truly bothersome. Like its velvet sister, the matte lipsticks are packed with both Vitamin E and Camellia Oil.

“All That Feels” Long-lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick (P349)

Among the 9 shades in this collection, the two shades that stand out the most come in the liquid matte lipstick formula.

Cool (a pinky taupe) and Pretty (a brick-y red orange) would be a good addition to your ever-expanding collection of barely-there nudes and attention-grabbing reds.

Top to bottom: Cool, Pretty, and Sweet

If unique colors aren’t your jam, Sweet (a dusty rose) is an option.

We have to say that our swatches didn’t do the liquid matte lipsticks any justice. While they were streaky on our arm swatches, they applied easily on the lips. While they dried down fast enough, we never felt that it sucked the moisture out of our lips (unlike, ahem, most liquid lip formulas).

Just like most liquid lips products, this sort of stayed put through a meal (siomai) but began crumbling when subjected to oilier fare (shawarma).

And this is the beef I have with most liquid products: while they can last longer than their matte lipstick counterparts, re-application can be a little awkward because they sometimes flake.

If you want both a long-lasting matte finish and don’t mind easy re-application, it’s better to pick the matte lipstick. But then again, shades like Cool and Pretty might make all the post-oily meal flaking worth it.


Overall, the “All The Feels” line is a solid addition to blk’s already solid line of make-up. The price point makes it even more appealing.

I’m still on the fence about the blk packaging in all its transparent plastic glory. But hey, it’s the product inside that counts the most and when it comes to that, there’s no fence-sitting for me. –

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