Google working on ‘Siri’ for Android

Google Assistant will be Siri and maybe more

MANILA, Philippines – The iPhone gained a one-up on Android with the release of the iPhone 4S and the introduction of Siri – the personal assistant who you can have conversations with, solve mathematical problems, and can take dictations for texts, calendar entries and reminders.

Tech blog TechCrunch is reporting that Google is currently working on a service called “Google Assistant” which will be able to do everything Siri can do and possibly more. 

While its true that Android already has built in voice recognition today, rumor has it Google Assistant will be a major product – if not THE product of 2012. Developers behind the application are trying to harness the power of all the content on the web, integrate it with other Google services and with what they call a “do engine” which will process voice commands and help accomplish real-life tasks.

The report says it won’t just be an app built into Android – it will also give developers access to its API, meaning they will get to use the product and integrate it into their own programs.  

Rumors of Google virtual assistant have been around for some time, after Siri was released it was the most logical thing for Google to do, earlier there were also reports of project code named “Majel”. TechCrunch quoting its own sources Google is working towards a 4Q 2012 release. –

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