Wrong Ramen is closing down

Wrong Ramen is closing down
'We never really thought about living this long, and we feel fabulous in death'

MANILA, Philippines – Alas, all good things – even the wrong ones – come to an end.

Wrong Ramen, the local ramen joint that didn’t shy away from their unapologetically inauthentic takes on the Japanese dish, will be closing its doors for good on Thursday, May 30. They made the announcement on social media on Monday, May 27. 

“We started Wrong Ramen 7 years ago because it was a fun and dumb thing to do. During that period of ramen puberty where we only had to go head-to-head with a literal handful of ramen shops (Ukkokei, Santouka, etc), we thrived. But today is no longer our world, and that’s super cool. (Hats off to Mendokoro!)” the restaurant’s owners said in a post. 

“To be honest, we consider it a miracle that we got this far. We never really thought about living this long, and we feel fabulous in death. So here we are,” they added. 

And true to their quirky and very witty branding, they added: “We’re really closing down, and unlike an erection, we will not rise again. But like an erection, we will be fondly remembered. *Fondly.*”

Wrong Ramen, which opened in 2013, is run by Lowbrow Casual Restaurants.

While they offered tonkotsu and tantanmen, it’s the zanier takes on ramen that really made them stand out. There’s the spicy Communist ramen, the budae jjigae-inspired Hot Junk ramen, the seafood broth-based Seamen ramen, the very crabby Krusty’s Funeral ramen, and the English breakfast smorgasbord that is the F.U. ramen. 

Wrong Ramen is located at Burgos Circle in Taguig City. – Rappler.com

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