Why do we hustle?

Here's everything you need to know


What is it? It’s content that caters to the millennial or Gen X-er who’s planning to, about to, or is already neck-deep in the work force.

It’s for the college senior who’s figuring out which company to apply for, the fresh graduate who’s printing our their resumes, it’s for the mid-career 20-something who needs that daily boost in life.

It can also be for our dear manongs and manangs who wish to understand what these crazy young adults want and what they’re up to.

Hustle has 4 main “sub sections:”

WORK, as the word implies, is all about one’s career. We plan to talk to young professionals about their work, give tips to those who are still struggling, and maybe discuss issues that linger at the workplace. 

PLAY covers all the fun stuff – from travelling on a budget to figuring out which show to stream on the weekend (or weeknight, we won’t tell). Expect fresh and exclusive content from Rappler’s Entertainment section as well. Have you heard about LIVE JAM? ‘Cos you should really check it out. 

FOOD is, well, about food. We’ll dish out (heh, pun intended) information on where to best spend that hard-earned cash but we’ll also talk about cooking your own food because that is what adulting adults do. 

ADULTING is about the stereotypically boring but (truly!) wildly fascinating world of bills, taxes, investments, health insurance, health plans, and the like. 

Every week, Rappler’s tech editor Gelo Gonzales and I take turns talking to you about the latest trends and topics. Sometimes, we write about things we feel strongly about because sharing is caring. Check out previous newsletters here.

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