Who is the Filipino? Inside the Philippines’ entertainment industry

Theirs isn't always a glamorous – or even decent – world

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MANILA, Philippines – They make us laugh, they make us cry, and they sometimes make us question who we are in life. The Philippine entertainment industry is, no doubt, a juggernaught not just economically but culturally. 

Collectively, our TV and movie stars and crews help shape Filipino identity. But theirs isn’t always a glamorous – or even decent – world. Behind the pomp and pageantry of the showbiz red carpet is hard and oftentimes difficult work. 

So who’s taking care of our actors, directors, producers, and production crew? What sort of very real dangers do people in the entertainment industry face? 

We talk to artist, singer, songwriter, activist, and “resident anger” Chai Fonacier about what it’s like, what’s wrong, and how we can help make things better. She sits down with Rappler for a series of podcasts hosted by the Lifestyle section. We’re trying to answer a painfully short but difficult question: Who is the Filipino?

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