Here’s the story behind that iconic ‘Yoko na pagod na ako’ tweet
Here’s the story behind that iconic ‘Yoko na pagod na ako’ tweet
A tweet that encapsulates an entire generation's mood? Why yes.

MANILA, Philippines – It’s rare (and almost impossible) that a singular essay, poem, or written work, is able to capture a generation’s struggles and… mood.

That is, of course, until you remember that November 2, 2015 tweet from The Philippine Star’s official account. 

Yoko na pagod na ako (I wanna quit I’m tired),” reads the tweet, sent at 9:22 pm.

While it was deleted immediately after, sleuthy Twitter users (aren’t they all?) managed to get a screen cap of the said tweet – and the rest is history. A full four years later, the tweet’s author took to (where else) Twitter to expound on the tweet and to assure everyone that yes, pagod pa rin siya (he’s still tired). 

Vberni Regalado, who works as a media relations officer, said that at that time, he was part of the Star’s social media team. His shift was going to start at 6 am the next day but he was still at work past 9 pm because he was working on the deck for the publication’s Christmas campaign.

Lean ang team dati, so ako talaga gumagawa ng socmed campaigns alone (The team was lean then, so I’d be doing the social media campaigns alone),” he said. 

Medyo badtrip na ako sa sarili ko, so I grabbed my phone and tweeted ‘yoko na pagod na ko.’ Nilapag ko yung phone ko after the tweet and continued working,” he said. 

(I was annoyed at myself, so I grabbed my phone and tweeted ‘I wanna quit, I’m tired.’ I put my phone down after the tweet and continued working.)

He then grabbed his phone again – then saw the Philippine Star Twitter account’s icon. “DUN NA NAGSTART ANG NGATOG MGA MARSE (That’s when I started to get nervous),” he said. 

And while he was able to delete it in 44 seconds, someone was still able to get a screenshot.

Vberni proceeded to report it to his boss, who was “chill” about it. Other media outfits, of course, picked up the now-deleted but already viral tweet.

Pero ayun, what’s clear was hindi siya intentional, pagod lang ako that day (it wasn’t intentional, I was just tired that day), but the mistake made me even love the job more,” he added. 

It’s almost no surprise that Vberni’s mistake still resonates – particularly to a segment of millennials who work hard, hustle, but are no longer afraid to admit that they’re tired. And who wouldn’t want to quit in a world dealing with climate change, natural disaster, widening income gaps, and general uncertainty? 


After the first viral tweet was sent out, Vberni said they posted another tweet – which was deliberate, this time. “Rest, if you must. But don’t you quit,” read the quote the Philippine Star shared that same night. –

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