Prices, top picks: Anastasia Beverly Hills opens first kiosk in the Philippines

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The brand finally opens a permanent physical store in Manila

ABH IN MANILA. The brand is now available at Rustan's Makati. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

MANILA, Philippines – Bringing the cult favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) to the Philippines wasn’t a question of yes or no. For the top executives of Rustan’s Beauty, it was a question of how soon.

The brand’s hero product, after all, is one that’s essential to any Filipino who’s into makeup because the kilay, truly, is life.

On Tuesday, November 12, the brand officially opened its first permanent kiosk in the Philippines on the ground floor of the Rustan’s department store in Makati.

In case you didn’t already know, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cosmetics brand founded by Anastasia Soare. First renowned for its brow products, the “prosumer” line has since expanded to complexion and lip products. 

While the brand has long been available to Philippine consumers through e-commerce platforms, the Rustan’s Makati kiosk is the first permanent physical spot where both loyal users and curious beauty mavers can swatch and even try on their products. 

Here’s what you can expect to see at the first Anastasia kiosk in the Philippines: 

SOFT GLAM. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

TOP PICK: All the eyeshadow palettes. While their brow products are what first grabbed their loyal clients’ attention, their eyeshadow formula has certainly not disappointed. The Soft Glam or the Modern Renaissance palettes (P2950) are perfect for those who are just starting out or aren’t so daring when it comes to eye looks. Warm browns, golds, and peaches abound in Soft Glam while pinks and peaches are king in the Modern Renaissance palette. 

MODERN RENAISSANCE. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

If you’re in for something a little more dramatic, go for the colorful Norvina palette or the vampy Sultry palette. 

So far, only the Soft Glam, Modern Renaissance, and Norvina palettes are in stock, but we’re told the Sultry palette and another collaboration palette will be in stock before the year ends. A little goes a very, very long way for ABH eyeshadow – don’t dig in too hard or you’ll get kick-up (a beauty blogger term for when the powder gets everywhere after you tap it with a brush) or deposit way too much pigment on the lid. Their shadows are very pigmented and blend easily as long as you use them with a light hand. 

All palettes retail for P2950. 

If you’re more into customizing your own eyeshadow palette, individual eyeshadows sell for P800 each. You also purchase a plastic palette (P595) to house your custom mix. 

ABH also has a waterproof creme color in jet matte (P1,200), eye primers (P1200 and P1050), waterproof liner (P1200), and a liquid liner (P1250)

SULTRY. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

Snatched and more. Listen, we all want that defined face, but not everyone is gifted with a jawline that can cut through steel or cheekbones that bring you closer to heaven. Thankfully, we’ve got contour and higlight powders to fix that. 

Anastasia sells an all-in-one powder contour kit (P2800) that contains 3 higlighter and 3 contour shades. If you already know what your shades are, you can pick between the powder bronzer (P2000) or the stick contour (P1800).

Is highlight not enough? 

Glow from as far away as the next kanto with their highlighting products. The glow kit (P2800), which comes in 3 variants, contain well-milled pressed powder highlighters that’ll make sure the spotlight is on your high points. If liquid highlight is more your jam, there’s the liquid glow (P1800), which also comes in 3 shades. 

If you’re looking for a new blush shade (because who isn’t), there are 3 shades of blush trios (P2100) to choose from. 

ALL ABOUT THE BASE. Base products are a relatively new addition to the ABH lineup and luckily, you can swatch and test all you can at the kiosk. 

BASE PRODUCTS. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

You can pick from 16 shades of the Luminous Foundation (P2800) to see which shades match you the best. Store clerks can help you figure out your undertones as well. Finally, seal your look with loose setting powders (P2500) and the dewy set setting spray (P1750). If the foundation isn’t glowy enough, start with the hydrating oil (P3300) as your base. 

LIP PICKS. The beauty of a kiosk for, well, beauty products is that you can play around with a product before handing over your precious, hard-earned cash in the name of the beauty gods. You also chance upon products you never thought you’d like. In my case, it was the liquid lipstick (P1400). You barely need a swipe for coverage that doesn’t cake, crase, or crack. The wand also makes application a breeze even without lip liner. 

LIPS. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

Their lipglosses (P1150) are also a treat – they’re creamy and sticky enough to make sure they don’t disappear right after application but not too sticky to make them a hassle to use. ABH also has matte lipsticks (P1200) and a lip primer (P1150).

I’d recommend any lip balm prior to using their liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks – just make sure you wipe it off before you put on a lip primer. 

TOP PICK: Brow-wows. You can never really go wrong when it comes to any of their brow products. Anastasia, after all, first shot to fame for her “Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method” which have led to the brows of many Hollywood bigshots. 

BROW PRODUCTS. Photo courtesy of Rustan's Beauty

Here’s the list of all the brow products currently available at the kiosk in Rustan’s Makati: 

Brow Gel (clear) – P1550
Tinted Brow Gel – P1550
Dipbrow Gel – P1150
Dipbrow Pomade – P1300
Brow Wiz – P1550
Brow Definer – P1650
Perfect Brow Pencil – P1650
Brow Powder Duo – P1650
Brow Pro Palette – P5450
Highlighting Duo Pencil – P1650
Pro Pencil – P1250
Brow Primer – P1500
Brow Stencils – P1400
Tweezers – P1950
Scissors – P1550

ABH, admittedly, isn’t cheap so here are a few tips if you don’t know which products to pick.

If you’re into the dramatic brow, the classic dipbrow is a must-have. Apply heavily for brows that will not, do not, and cannot budge, or use a light hand for a barely-there coverage. If you’re skilled enough, you can apply these in hair-like strokes and everyone will think you had microblading done. 

If your brow is already in tip-top shape, go for the dipbrow gel, the tinted brow gel, or the clear brow gel. The first option gives the most coverage (and color) while the latter two will help you get the most natural kind of brow. 

Of course, there’s no sleeping on the brow wiz, ABH’s most popular brow product. The thin tip – among the first of its kind in the beauty world – guarantee hair-like strokes even for the most basic of users. If you want a more fool-proof application, the brow definer is the way to go. 

Pros (and semi-pros) would love playing around with the brow pro palette – the shade combinations are limitless. 

ABH also sells an angled brush (P1300) for its brow products, but based on experience, any angled brush with a tip narrow and stiff enough works just as well.

Rustan’s also has plans of opening ABH kiosks in other locations soon. –

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