LOOK: Enjoy fresh sashimi delivered to your doorstep from this stall in Cubao

Steph Arnaldo
LOOK: Enjoy fresh sashimi delivered to your doorstep from this stall in Cubao
There's nothing fishy going on here – just trays of fresh salmon, tuna, and uni sashimi at affordable prices from JAAM Seafoods Trading

MANILA, Philippines – When the craving for fresh, raw fish calls… how do you deal? You either: a) brace the traffic and head to your nearest Japanese resto or you can b) sit tight at home, and pray the craving subsides (which, let’s be honest, won’t.)

Or, you could hit up JAAM Seafoods Trading on Facebook.


JAAM Seafoods, a humble little stall at the seafood section of Farmers Market at Araneta City in Cubao, Quezon City, isn’t just a hit with the daily market-shopping crowd – JAAM has also become a social media sashimi star, gaining an almost cult-like online following in the past few months.


Just scroll down their Facebook page – I dare you not to salivate over their pretty-in-pink salmon sashimi, slabs of tuna, and your one and uni. You will, we guarantee you – and don’t hate us for it!

So raw, yet so right

So, what’s the hype all about?

It’s JAAM’s best-seller: a 250g Salmon and Tuna Sashimi Tray at P280, a soirée of fresh salmon and tuna slices, served with soy sauce and chopsticks. 


Purists can also get a salmon-only tray for P320 or a tuna tray for P300, with an added 20ml of soy sauce for P20. No wasabi at home? Get a tube for P100.

It tastes as good as it looks. 

Moist, cool (thanks to the bags of ice it’s considerately delivered with), and vivid in color sans any fishy smell – JAAM’s sashimi is as clean and fresh as they come – silky, buttery, and generously cut into slices good enough for 2-4 hungry guests… or just one. Who’s judging?


“Our salmon is from Norway, while our tuna is mostly from Quezon, General Santos, Iloilo or Mindoro. They are all directly delivered to Farmers Market every day,” JAAM’s owners, the Pasahols, told Rappler. 

Undeniably, their sashimi continues to be the star of the seafood show – but only until recently.


“We weren’t really known for sashimi before. It was made to order or by request,” they said. However, the Pasahols’ had their own sashimi cravings, but knew how restaurants’ overpriced sashimi would get in the way, so they decided to shift gears only early this year.

“We started making packed sashimi and tried posting it online to see if it would click or not. To be honest, we weren’t expecting, but we were hopeful. Fortunately, it was a success,” they said.

A sea of food: Other fresh offerings

JAAM also has their other ocean friends to thank as well – like the fresh, glorious, fatty uni (sea urchin), which you can get at 500 grams each for P550, and fresh oysters, which goes for P120 per kilo.


Fridays are also extra special for JAAM’s loyal customers, because Friday is Kilawin Day – the only day of the week where JAAM’s tangy tuna kilawin is available for P150 at 250 grams – a true winner.


Here’s what else you can get from JAAM in-store or via delivery:

  • Crabs – P900 per kilo
  • Shrimp – P650-950 per kilo
  • Lato (edible seaweed) – P220 per kilo
  • Ulang (river prawn) – P800 per kilo
  • Salmon head – P280 per kilo
  • Salmon belly – P280 per kilo
  • Tuna panga (jaw) – P280 per kilo
  • Tuna belly – P380 per kilo 
  • Blue marlin – P580 per kilo
  • Tanigue – P630 per kilo
  • Lobster – P3,500 per kilo

Fishing for compliments? No need

Celebrity sukis, long market lines, full inboxes, and glowing word-of-mouth reviews – there’s no denying JAAM’s success.

“We didn’t expect it to be a big hit. So we’re truly overwhelmed and grateful with the love and support given to JAAM,” the Pasahols said.

Their secret? Reliable, high-quality products, an authentic connection with their customers, and most importantly, harnessing the power of social media.


“Social media is a very powerful business tool. We could be loved now, and get bashed later. We could gain followers, but be unfollowed in a minute. So we take social media seriously,” they said,  which explains their constant stream of content (both original and reposted), speedy replies, and quirky customer merch (I’d like a “Sashimi or Me?” shirt for myself too, thanks.)


“JAAM’s first step to success is through social media. We’re now getting known as a brand who offers quality but affordable sashimi. Our product turnover is fast, so we can assure them that all orders are fresh,” they added.

Modernizing JAAM was a wise move – the family-owned venture has actually been in business since 30 years ago, previously called “Sonny’s Seafood,” after the father of Mrs. Pasahol.

After marrying, the young Pasahol couple decided to rename the business as JAAM, which contains the family’s initials: Javerne, Akiera, and their children Akeiko and Monique.

Delivery: Smooth and easy

“How do I get that sashimi in my home right now,” you might be asking. Easy – just message JAAM on their Facebook page. 


Let JAAM know your orders, and they’ll reply with your total due. Payment is made to their official BDO account, which can be done via online bank transfer, over-the-counter deposit, or through GCash. Once processed, just send over a screenshot of your payment confirmation, and JAAM will confirm your orders asap.

Once your orders are prepared at JAAM’s stall, they’ll let you know when you can book your GrabExpress or Lalamove rider to pick up your orders at Farmers Market (FYI: delivery fee is shouldered by the customer). JAAM gives you a very detailed instruction sheet on what to tell your GrabExpress rider – the exact pick-up point and contact numbers.

Booking is your responsibility, but JAAM is very helpful throughout, and also very responsive. On an average (depending on traffic and distance), expect your sashimi in around an hour and a half or more.

Note that although JAAM’s stall is open from 3 am to 8 pm, delivery and pick-up times are only until 5 pm. 

So, what are you waiting for? Salmon calls.

For more information, you can visit JAAM Seafoods’ official Facebook page. – Rappler.com

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