Jonathan Yabut on future-proofing your career amid coronavirus
Jonathan Yabut on future-proofing your career amid coronavirus
'The Apprentice Asia' winner will hold a free webinar on the Rappler Facebook page on March 30, Monday, 5 pm

MANILA, Philippines – As COVID-19 is set to change the economic landscape permanently, “The Apprentice Asia” winner, Jonathan Yabut, will share career tips on how employees and entrepreneurs can prepare ahead for uncertainties. 

He will be conducting a free webinar on March 30, Monday, 5 pm. You can watch it live on the Rappler Facebook page.

Some of the topics Jonathan will be discussing include: 

  • Upping your social media and digital skills – As physical selling and interaction will be limited for a long time, online communication will be the new norm. 
  • Networking and re-opening your war chest of connections – These may be helpful in case you need to shift lanes or move on to a new career path.
  • Re-evaluating your career path and lifestyle – As the world may soon hit to a recession, it pays to be calm and compose. However, one should also prepare Plan B, Plan C, etc. This is also an excellent time to reflect on your spending habits, your saving habits, and your next steps in achieving a healthier finance lifestyle.
  • Decluttering your life – From personal to work files, to government documents (which are all adulting concerns for many millennials), there is never a better time to finally organize your inbox, your drawer, etc. Once the COVID-19 situation improves, your clutter detox will get you in shape to take on the world again. 

Join the webinar and capture some ideas on how the future might change and what you can do to adapt to it. –


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