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Lockdown survival: What I learned from my mom

Lockdown survival: What I learned from my mom
What lessons have your own mother taught you?

MANILA, Philippines – In the most trying of times, it’s not unusual to go back to the basics. As the world braves the novel coronavirus pandemic, we’ve found – several times over – that as a matter of necessity and survival, we’ve had to go back to the most basics of lessons we learned at home. 

Since it’s Mother’s Day, we asked several stars – from all different fields – to tell us which life skill from mom came in handy during the pandemic. 

Jayda Avanzado, singer

LIKE MOM. Jayda Avanzado with mom Jessa Zaragoza. Photo courtesy of Jayda Avanzado

“Some things I’ve learned from my mom throughout ECQ, are to remain resilient and resourceful in the face of this pandemic and life in general. Over the course of the past months, she has reminded me that now more than ever is the time to be strong and to not lose hope, as God is in control. My mom has also showed me of the value of being able to work with what you have at the given moment, saving, being prudent and making decisive, rational and practical decisions, especially in hard times like these, that will test you.

“Another thing she has made me remember is to be ready for anything that life throws at you, and to learn how to adapt to the situation at hand. I’ve gotta say though, My most valuable lesson from her, has really been to take one day at a time.”


Teejay Marquez, actor


“She reminded me that, in times like this, when everything seems hopeless and its hard to find a solution, we can remain hopeful if we put our trust in God.”


Isabelle de Leon, actress and beauty queen


“My mom is a frontliner in the US. She’s a scientist and she handles COVID-19 samples. I learned how brave and dedicated she is with her work. I truly admire her for that. Because of that, I learned the value of sacrifice, of putting your calling above all else, no matter what, even if it’s a matter of life or death. It’s a higher purpose bigger than yourself.”


Jamie Lim, SEA Games gold medalist


“An example of what we talk about now is the ABS-CBN shutdown. She explains to me the legal aspect of it and more importantly the non-legal issues (social and economic). We don’t see anything good coming out from its shutting down especially during this pandemic when our country needs access to information the most. She teaches me that the most important thing to be is a good human being and have a kind heart. She always says that one’s achievements mean nothing if he’s not a good person. I see this from her everyday because I see how she takes care of my dad, Samboy Lim, who underwent a heart attack back in 2014.”

“She took care of him unconditionally and wholeheartedly. My mom for me is a superwoman! She’s amazing in everything she does and she’s my idol. And like how she teaches me, she is a beautiful human being inside and out. When I was young, I always said I wanted to be like her when i grow up. I still want that.”


 VJ Mendoza, actor


“To be smart about my money and to be patient about the resumption of work. Basically, faith in myself.”


Mikee Andrei, fashion designer

DESIGNS. Designer Mikee Andrei at her atelier. File photo by Dion Besa/Rappler

“Her secret recipes.”


Katrina Llegado, Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2019

SUPPORT. Katrina Llegado and her mom after the Reina Hispanoamericana competition in February. Photo courtesy of Katrina Llegado

“My mom has always been my source of inspiration and encouragement. During ECQ, I have all the time to be with my family and it made me learn more about them. My mom and I get to bond in the simplest ways from binge watching our favourite k-drama to eating our favorite desserts. With ECQ or not I have learned a lot from her. Core values such as respect, compassion, and determination that I live up to this date. We maybe living in a very uncertain time but one thing that I’ve also learned from my mom during this crisis is to stay optimistic, focus on the things you can control, step forward and help other people – that is why together we’ve been helping and feeding our frontliners, just a little act of kindness to show our appreciation for them. I really thank my mom for instilling me with all these values. She is truly MOM one and only. Happy Mother’s Day!”


Karen Laurrie Mendoza, Bb Pilipinas candidate from Iloilo


“What have I learned from my mom during this ECQ is that we should take care of our health. It’s something that we should treasure, especially if you’re not that well off in life. Another thing is to cook good food and eat together with family, we all have our individual lives and if I’m gonna go back to Manila, I might miss it cause I live alone. Third is the family that prays together stays together. So always be involve when praying. Rosary is a very powerful prayer.”


Riana Pangindian, Miss Universe Philippines candidate, Pasig


Aside from using my time wisely and staying productive at home by doing household chores, I learned to make a non-oven blueberry cheesecake from scratch with my mom, for my grandma’s birthday cake during ECQ! She loved it! The whole family loved it! Baking together is definitely my favorite and our precious bonding!”


Kim Crizaldo, Miss Universe Philippines candidate, Iloilo Province


During these times, we’ve been given luxury of time to stay at home. I’ve learned and realized how much a mother can love her children. It can be shown even in simplest ways like taking care of us and checking up on us. I know this lockdown makes us anxious and being surrounded by our loved ones help us cope up during these times. Im just so grateful that I have my mom with me! Happy mother’s day to all moms out there!”


Cindy Obeñita, Bb Pilipinas candidate from Cagayan de Oro


“When everyday was COVID-free, I did not get the chance to do a worthwhile number of household chores because of hectic work schedules. Now that we live in a new normal, what I have specially learned from my mom was cooking dishes that I would not have possibly devoted a great ounce of time before. Apart from mother-daughter bonding, I get to add a skill that could have good use at home and in surviving real-world challenges in the future.”


Hannah Arnold, Bb Pilipinas candidate, Masbate


“During the ECQ the messages from my mom haven’t panned far from the reminders I used to receive from her – ‘Drink plenty of water,’ ‘Don’t eat too much chocolate,’ and ‘try to get 8 hours of sleep’. However, the main message that has stood out and has been conveyed every day is to remain patient and continue to find my purpose. Being in a different country from my parents, my mom taught me to remain calm through suggesting daily activities. I learnt to be patient that we would be reunited soon and put my trust in God (and my mom) that my voice was still of great influence and value in this time of change.”

– Alexa Villano/Rappler.com

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