[Letters from Mama] Thankful for our happy moments

[Letters from Mama] Thankful for our happy moments
Marideth writes to Dylan about the time they're spending together while on lockdown

Mother’s Day, admittedly, is a manufactured “holiday.” What isn’t manufactured, however, is the affection we feel towards our mothers – whether they’ve been our mothers since birth, later in life, at work, or whenever. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to be cheesier than usual and make sure the mothers in our lives know that they are loved, they are appreciated, and that no matter what we say, we need them in our lives. 

But this year’s Mother’s Day comes at an extraordinarily trying time – a pandemic forcing most of the world to seek shelter in their homes as essential workers struggle to contain the deadly novel coronavirus. So for Mother’s Day, we asked mothers from different walks of life to write a letter to their children as the world braves this pandemic. 

A few weeks ago, Rappler ran short stories from students from the AHA! Learning Center about how they’ve been handling the coronavirus pandemic. This time, we feature the hardworking mothers who’ve helped their kids learn despite the schools being shut down. Marideth Tabucalde is mom to Dylan, a student at AHA! Learning Center.

For my one and only baby,

During this pandemic we have a lot of different emotions which we continue to experience everyday. We are happy because we have the time to be together, sharing happy moments. We’re teaching you, little by little, how to be productive and responsible enough in your own little way.

Papa and mama now have the time to make it up to you because of the lockdown. Mama always cooks and bakes good food for you while papa now has the time to play with you.

I know you miss serving in the Church as well as your friends there, in time you can be with them again after this crisis.

We also have our fears and worries but we entrust them to God and that we may always be safe and healthy.



– Rappler.com