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5 Filipinos open a Facebook account per minute

Almost one out of every 4 Filipinos has a Facebook account

MANILA, Philippines – Much has been said about the Philippines being among the top social media countries in the world. And all of that is richly deserved. It is indeed a social and hyperconnected world and the statistics bear this out.

The latest data from SocialBakers shows that almost one out of every 4 Filipinos has a Facebook account. As of this writing, there are 27,720,300 Facebook users in the Philippines. That’s about 27.75% of the population and 93.33% of the online population.

PENETRATION RATE. Facebook's penetration rate is 27.75% in the Philippines.

Ranked 8th in the world among Facebook countries, about 1,226,960 Facebook users were added over the past 6 months. Breaking it down even further, that’s about 204,493 Facebook users a month or 6,816 users added a day.

FACEBOOK USERS. The Philippines is the world's number 8 Facebook country.

For the Math lovers out there, that equates to 284 users being added every hour or 4.7 users added every minute.

Globally, SocialBakers reports close to 834 million Facebook users with Europe, North America and Asia almost equally split, with about 25% each of the total Facebook population.

Young and mostly female

Of the Philippine Facebook population, 39% of users are 18-24 years old and 24% are 25-34 years old. Combined, this accounts for 63% of the total Facebook population. 52% of all Filipino Facebook users are female which is consistent with the global profile of Facebook.

MOSTLY FEMALE. In the Philippines, females make up 52% of Facebook users.

The biggest growth in Facebook use also came from these two demographics. What is interesting is the decline in growth in the 13-15 demographic. One wonders if this is a portent of things to come about the younger generation and their interest, or lack of interest in, Facebook.

PH DEMOGRAPHICS. The growth of the 13-15 demographic in the Philippines is declining.

What could this new wave be about?

While the number of users is an interesting metric to look at, what will be even more revealing is the number of active accounts. And still even more revealing is the number of active conversations on Facebook and what it (Facebook) is being used for.

Watch this space for more.

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