Are you sending out too many e-mails?

Google's new service tracks how many emails you sent and received over the past month

TOO MANY EMAILS? Google's new service helps you track your activities online

MANILA, Philippines – Ever wondered what or who has been taking up bulk of your time online?

Google’s new service, Account Activity, should give you an idea.

Among other things, the service tracks how many e-mails you sent and received over the past month, how many contacts you frequently conversed with and who is taking up bulk of your time.

The service also tracks your most frequently used search term, stuff you uploaded via Google’s various services (such as Youtube and Picasa) and just about everything you use your Google account and its associated accounts for. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, the service that help web owners track traffic to websites, this looks like a rudimentary version of that.

Privacy concerns aside, it’s a great tool for tracking how you have been managing your time online. Were you, for instance, wasting so much time on certain people?

The sections on the report on authentication and account sign-ins could also tip you off to potential hackers/phishers/scammers who might be in your account. 

Google’s Account Activity report is still on beta mode. There appears to be an option to limit your query to particular days, like in Google Analytics, but it’s not yet possible to do that at the moment. 

To enable Google Account Activity, click this link, make sure you’re logged in, and choose to opt in to the new feature. You get your initial report almost immediately. The service also sends you an email when one is ready. –

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