Google goes retro with Google Maps for Nintendo

Nimrod Miaco
Google introduces their 'first product' for NES, "Google Maps 8-bit"

MANILA, Philippines – Year after year, Google comes out with an April Fool’s video about a ‘new’ product and 2012 is no different. Last year they ‘introduced’ – ‘Gmail Motion’ a product that was supposed to solve the problem of relying on outdated devices like the keyboard and mouse. The concept behind Gmail Motion is for you to use physical movement and turns it into actual comments. For example to check your email, you would make a motion as if you were opening an envelope. 

This year, Google decided to take us on a trip down memory lane by ‘launching’ “Google Maps 8-bit” as their first product for NES.

The NES or Nintendo Entertainment System is a game console released back in the mid-80s. In the Philippines it was commonly referred to as the “family computer”. It was the launching pad for arguably one of the most unforgettable video games of all-time, Super Mario Bros.

Watch the video and let us know if it brings back fond memories of playing with the NES.

P.S. The Quest button works. –

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