Social Media wRap: #SMDay, Minions, ‘Pilipinas’ to ‘Filipinas’
Here are some of the viral stories that spread on social media from June 29 to July 5, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – What viral stories from June 29 to July 5 elicited the strongest reaction from our social media users this week?

We wrap them up below. Stories of abuse drew our ire and made us frown, but the week turned around, thanks to a rocking two-year-old and Minions – lots of ’em.


A story of an abused woman 
Mood Meter = Sad

We’ve all heard and read about it before: domestic violence. But I don’t think we’ve read enough to make us want to make a difference and stop this crime once and for all. 

Here is an excerpt from a short story based on real life events: 

The sound of a grown woman whimpering and cowering in fear is painful to hear and cringingly unbearable to see. I remembered thinking to myself, “I will never allow that to happen to me.”

But I did. I did allow it to happen to me.

Continue reading: Refuge from abuse: My fire escape 

Kill ‘Pilipinas’
MoodMeter = Annoyed

To unite Filipinos through a better sense of history, the country’s language commission has decided to stop using the name “Pilipinas” to refer to the country, and to use the name “Filipinas” instead.

Read the full story: Kill ‘Pilipinas,’ language commission says

91 women raped in Egypt protest
Mood Meter = Angry

In a span of only 4 days since the beginning of the protest in Egypt last June 30, 2013, mobs sexually assaulted and raped at least 91 women in Tahrir Square, according to a New York-based human rights group.

One woman recounted her experience: “I knew the risk of being in the square, so I had worn so many layers of clothing as a precaution. They weren’t directly touching my skin but it still felt like the most disgusting thing in the world,” she said.  


Celeb Grammar Cops
Mood Meter = Afraid

Are you smarter than an 8-year-old?

Celebrities on Twitter should be afraid. Be very afraid. And start thinking about hiring copy editors before these adorable kids spot their grammatical errors on Twitter


Mood Meter = Inspired

Social Media users celebrated Social Media Day, an event started by Mashable 4 years ago to promote and recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes, on June 30.

We thought the best way to spend it was to hangout with social media personalities and bring the discussion to our followers.

Missed the event? Watch it here:


Two-year-old sings ‘Don’t Let Me Down’
Mood Meter = Happy

Babies are the cutest ever, right? How about a baby showing off his singing and guitar-playing skills

Get ready for today’s dose of cuteness overload: 


Mood Meter = Amused

“It’s so cute, I’m gonna die! 

What’s the fuss about minions? Instagram was filled with them the past week! 

Did we miss any important social media event the past week? Let us know! Tweet @rapplerdotcom. Stacy de Jesus/

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