Superdrinks for the rainy season

Sofia Benares
Fight the gloomy weather with antioxidant rich drinks

PURPLE SLURP. Rich color from acai berries indicates presence of antioxidants

MANILA, Philippines – We’re no strangers to oppressive summer rays in the Philippines. When the heat gets unbearable, we turn to the tried and true remedy of refreshing, ice cold drinks.

Jamba Juice Philippines, however, has just launched a nutritional campaign to entice us to their products even when the heat has moved on to give way to the rains.

From July 15 until September, your local Jamba Juice has two new additions to offer: the Acai Supercharger smoothie and the Protein Berry smoothie.

These antioxidant-rich blends serve to boost our immune systems — “exactly what we need during the rainy season,” says Jamba Juice marketing director James Ranada.

The secret? Over 60 percent of the smoothies are made of superfoods.

There has been much interest lately in such superfoods as the acai berry and blueberry. You can find acai and blueberry flavors everywhere, from frozen yogurt to protein shake powders.

As people become more conscious about what they eat and drink, they look toward healthier, more natural foods.

SUPERCHARGERS. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious. Photo by Sofia Benares

Superfoods are foods high in essential nutrients and normally associated with great health benefits.

The health benefits differ with the chemical makeup of each particular superfood, but the essentials are the same, and they make you feel better, look better too.

How much medicinal power do the little berries hold?

The Acai Supercharger main ingredient – acai berry juice – is made from one such superfood. Acai berries are full of compounds called anthocyanins and flavonoids. The berries’ rich color is a tip-off that anthocyanins are present; they are responsible for the dark reddish or blue pigment in such berries as acai and blueberries.

Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the effect of harmful free radicals. The result? They help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Acai berries are more popularly associated with another side benefit: aiding in weight loss. Acai juice is added into many weight loss supplements, with many swearing by its fat-flushing powers. Scientific studies, however, have not yet provided conclusive evidence as to whether the berries have a real effect on weight.

BLUEBERRIES. These superfoods may help lower cholesterol

Blueberries, the active ingredient of the Blueberry Protein Smoothie, contain the antioxidant pterostilbene.

Experiments have suggested that pterostilbene may lower cholesterol and prove to be an effective anti-diabetic agent. But this should by no means be considered a supplement for prescribed cholesterol or diabetes medication.

The smoothie also contains an added dose of protein powder, which, while it may not fall under the superfood definition, is “a great addition for gym buffs and for people on the go,” says Ranada.

While superfoods are often touted as being naturally occurring miracle medicines, one must take assumptions such as acai’s weight loss properties with a grain of salt. Superfoods are by no means a medicinal alternative, however they do pave the way toward healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle.

Jamba Juice’s new Acai Supercharger and Protein Berry smoothies may not contain the miracle potency touted by some superfoods fairy tales, but they remain very healthy and very refreshing. What better rainy day treat than a refreshing dose of antioxidants? – Rappler.com

Acai berry smoothie photo by zstock and blueberry photo by cerber82 from Shutterstock