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The biggest, funniest and most relevant events from the world of social media from August 4 to 17

MANILA, Philippines— If you aren’t too excited over the past 2 weeks.  Which hashtags have you been following?  From the controversial pork barrel scam where the alleged pork barrel queen’s daughter’s flaunting of wealth from her social media accounts have Mr. Mood Meter fuming red. 

Mood Meter: Amused

INSTAGRAM.  79-year-old Julia Oberlin in New Jersey is obsessed with Facebook and Instagram. Screenshot from ABS-CBN's Bandila

First, let’s start with something happy.  Even Lola’s are on Facebook!  79-year-old Lola Juliet Oberlin was featured on ABS-CBN’s Bandila.  Social media makes her happy and it makes us happy too. 

“Ay nako, diyos mio, pagkatayo ko, pagkaupo ko sa kama, pipindutin ko ang aking Facebook! Ang daming likes, ang daming comments—and—I’m happy.”  She’ll even call her daughter in the middle of the night should she have problems with her Instagram.

Watch Lola Juliet’s story here

Mood Meter: Inspired

But a bit sad and nostalgic too.  Filipinos are all over the world, but what do they miss most about home?  This conversation took place during the special launch event of #BalikBayan.  

The answers ranged from everything from food to this country’s spectacular beaches. 

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Mood Meter: Annoyed

Is it okay to flaunt your wealth, especially if your mother is in the accused mastermind of the pork barrel scam?  Her father thinks it’s okay. He called it a “school requirement.”  But most netizens don’t agree

#at22 trended in the PH where young netizens shared what they owned at 22.  Jeane Napoles owned a trendy condo valued at P80 million.  What did you own at 22? 

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All eyes are still on Janet Napoles and her family’s wealth.  Her daughter’s social media accounts probably didn’t help the Napoleses case.

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Mood Meter: Amused 

And inspired.  Instead of complaining about how dull her job is, 27-year-old Cherrie Alejandrino decides to make it fun!  Her over-the-top greetings and singing to customers keeps SM Olongapo customers coming back for more. 

Rappler visited Alejandrino last week.

Watch: Elevator girl inspires on social media

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If you’ve worked in print news before, then you know what ‘dummy text’ is.  It is nonesense text that designers place in order to figure out how big the headline should be.  But what happens if you forget to remove it and it goes to print? It’s an editor’s worst nightmare.  See more dummy text mishaps here.

Mood Meter: Inspired, sad 

Gilas Pilipinas fought hard during the #FIBAAsia2013 Championships.  Their upset against Korea was cause for celebration but their defeat to Iran was a sad sad day for Filipino basketball fans.  The bright side? We are still going to Spain! 

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Mood Meter: Inspired

After receiving a Teen Choice Award, actor Ashton Kutcher gives his words of wisdom about opportunity, living life and ‘being sexy.’  “Opportunities look a lot like work,” Kutcher said.  “I’ve never had a job that I was better than.  Every job I had was a stepping stone.  I never quit my job until I had the next one. So opportunities look a lot like work,” Kutcher told the crowd of extremely loud teenagers.  The video has gathered over 2 million views on YouTube.

Watch the speech below:



Mood Meter: Don’t care

But thousands of The Voice of the Philippines fans on social media do.  This open letter to Coach Bamboo was first published on Rappler on August 3, 2013. The reader felt strongly about Coach Bamboo’s choice in the #VoicePHBattle between Lee Grane Maranan and Dan Brillano. 


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