Social Media wRap: #MaringPH, #ThinkPH, #NewPork, and more

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Here's a list of social media stories that went viral from August 16 to 23, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – Here’s a wrap of social media stories that went viral from August 16 to 23, 2013.


1. #ThinkPH trends on Twitter

#ThinkPH: The Internet, Big Data, and You was held Friday, August 23, at the New World Makati Hotel.

Attented by online journalists and bloggers, the conversation reached Twitter. 

The talk of US-based author and renowned internet critic Andrew Keen, the first speaker of the day, sparked the Twitter conversation when he discussed the epic failures of the internet. With a room full of bloggers and online journalists, it was no suprise that a lot disagreed with his views. 

The event also marked the official launch of as it comes out of beta.

TOP 2. #ThinkPH trends on Twitter in the Philippines

Read more about it here: Articles on #ThinkPH, or watch it on the newscast.

See photos of the event on our Instagram, and on Rappler. 


2. #NewPork 

After President Benigno Aquino III said he would be introducing a reformed pork barrel system, netizens quickly suggested names for the new PDAF, such as NACAW or National Appropriation for Countrywide Assistance and Welfare, and PATA or PNoy’s Allowance and Treasury Allocation.

Click to see more suggestions here: What to call the new PDAF?

3. #MaringPH invades social media

Tropical Storm Maring did not only cause flooding in the streets of Metro Manila and some provinces, it also caused flooding on social media. 

A lot of Filipinos used Twitter and Facebook to discuss the effects of #MaringPH, where were the victims and how they could be extended help.

MovePH, the civic engagement arm of Rappler, took the initiative to compile and map a list of donation and evacuation centers with #ReliefPH

Some online Filipinos stuck at home made the rest of the country smile with memes. See them here: Pinoy humor, habagat, and Maring

Meanwhile, a video of a pig swimming in floodwater went viral on Facebook. 

Watch it here:

Also watch how 24 hours of rainfall looks like in 30 seconds, by John Javellana. 

Visit Javellana’s blog here

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4. Bad Poetry Day

Did you know there’s such a day as Bad Poetry Day? 

On that Sunday, August 18, we asked our social media followers to share poems they had written that they’re embarassed to call their own.  

Here’s one contributed by @euMEATSIX

5. Ninoy Aquino Day

6. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Skype, Comedian Mark Malkoff video chatted with over 162 countries. 

Watch the video here:

7. A father’s letter to his daughter, wishing her to have awesome sex, was shared a lot on social media.

“That’s what I want for you, sweetie. A bold life filled with big mistakes and bigger triumphs” it read.

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