Storms, ‘Sige Mom’ and laundry musings

Krista Garcia
For moms, doing the laundry is a therapeutic ritual of love

SIGE MOMS. Photos courtesy of Breeze

MANILA, Philippines – Tropical Storm Maring and monsoon rains left a trail of destruction for thousands of families around the country last August, and the rainy season isn’t over yet. For mothers and homemakers, this means more rain, more possibility of floods and a bigger pile of laundry.

A mother plays a pivotal role in her family’s well-being. On ordinary days, she must do her best to keep everyone healthy and safe. She ensures that they eat nutritious food, wear clean clothes, and sleep on great-smelling pillows. During times of calamity, she is the proverbial calm in the storm, a pillar of strength for her loved ones.

But even the worst disasters can turn into profound learning experiences, especially for her children. During these times, kids ultimately understand the value of helping elders and looking out for other people.

Wise mothers seize this opportunity by letting their children experience a little rain or mud. If it means the rescue of a neighbor’s pet, or their participation in packing relief goods – then the extra effort to scrub will be worth it.

This is a payoff that detergent brand Breeze knows well. They’ve coined the term “Sige Mom” to hail mothers who don’t mind a little extra laundry – for the sake of teaching kids valuable life lessons.

In fact, Breeze even held a record-breaking event to thank all Sige moms who silently complete the task everyday.

After all, Sige moms do not need to win a world record to be proud of what they do.

Doing the laundry is a therapeutic ritual of love. From scooping the correct amount of powder, to separating the whites from the colored clothes – Sige moms ensure that the job is carried out from start to finish. They never back down until all the stains are gone.

The ability to churn out a clean load of laundry is an extension of a Sige Mom’s capacity to provide. When her family can put on clean clothes every morning, they are more confident to face the world. –


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