Cambodia: A gastronomic adventure

Sreychea Heang
They may look unusual, but Cambodians swear by these yummy treats

MANILA, Philippines – Ever considered traveling to Cambodia? Then you should not miss these 5 delicious foods.

Ah Ping or fried spider. Photos by Yoki Coco


Ah ping or fried spider is one of the most attractive snacks for tourists. At first, you may not dare try it because of the spider. But once you gather enough courage, you will relish its unique flavor. 

Nom Banh Chok or Khmer noodle 

Nom Banh Chok or Khmer noodle is a popular dish. You can have it for breakfast. It consists of rice noodles topped with fish-based green gravy, together with fresh mint leaves, cucumber, bean, banana flower, and other vegetables.

Usually it is sold by women walking, hanging it on baskets from a pole balanced on their shoulders. They will wait patiently for you until you finish it. You should have a try. 

Kro lan or bamboo sticky rice 

Kro lan or bamboo sticky rice is one of the famous foods in Kratie province. Tourists won’t forget this delicacy, made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and beans. They are mixed together and packed in a bamboo stick, of which there are different sizes to choose from. Once you peel the bark of the bamboo, you can smell and taste this delicious snack. 

Machu Kroeung, a popular dish in Cambodia. This photo by Rachana Veng 

Machu kroeung is another popular main dish. It’s a healthy sweet and sour soup with lots of vegetables.

Samlor Machu means sour soup, and Kroeung means ingredients. Machu kroeung can be cooked using different types of meat, and the ingredients include lemongrass, lime leaves, white garlic, dried red pepper, and morning glory. Its unique taste and smell will leave you asking for more.

 Nom Krouk or rice cake

Nom Krouk or rice cake is one of the famous snacks in Cambodia. This goes with the Teok Trey fish sauce, which has a sweet and sour taste topped by coconut cream. 

Try all of this, and you will surely love it! –

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