Prints de-light
Colorful prints and light fabrics lift up a summer that's too hot for comfort.

SUMMER LOVIN' Fashion and comfort need not be compromised even when the weather is crazy scorching hot. Modeled by Potin Yap. Photography by Jamie Manaid.

Modeled by Potin Yap. Photography by Jamie Manaid.

Modeled by Mona Lisa Neuboeck. Photography by Hannah Reyes.

MANILA, Philippines – The heat is scorching, even biting. But while comfort is of utmost importance to be productive whilst withstanding the ever-changing weather, for most of us, style can never be compromised. At a time when fashion and people’s awareness of its impact is rising greatly in the Philippines, local brands whose designs and material suit the weather and lifestyle of the modern Filipina are most wanted.

Modeled by Gabi Mercado and Potin Yap. Photography by Jamie Manaid.

And of course, since we are a festive tropical country, colorful prints will always be in fashion no matter the time of year. Combine these prints with light fabric that allows skin to breathe, and we again have the reason to celebrate even the oh-so-hot summer—and turn it into a cool, cool one.

Modeled by Gabi Mercado. Photography by Jamie Manaid.

Nima answers this fashion call. Created by high school friends Nicole Aquino and Fatima Pasion Yambao in August 2011, Nima caters to the outgoing and free-spirited ladies. Inspired by nature and the environment, their trademark colors and patterns, fabrics and designs make casual wear classy.

“We are driven by creative people and brilliant ideas,” says Nicole.

Adds Fatima, “We create ideas to share with everyone in the world.” –

Modeled by Mona Lisa Neuboeck. Photography by Hannah Reyes.

(Watch these two young girls share their dreams with the world. Visit,, and their Facebook page: Nima Manila. RAPPLER welcomes work from fashion bloggers, stylists, aspiring models and designers, and enthusiasts. Email us your portfolio with subject heading TASTEMAKERS to

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