Very important dogs on social media

Kathy Moran
Do you know Beast, the most well-connected dog on social media with 1.6 million Facebook fans?

MANILA, Philippines – I have been on Instagram for a few years now. Yes, there are photos and then some, but as a pet lover I am always attracted to creative folks who have set up Instagram accounts for their pet companions. Call us strange but there is nothing more heartwarming for the pet-lover in me than to see photos of a really cute pet with an equally interesting and heart-tugging caption.

Let me share with you a few pet Instagram accounts that never fail to make my day.

1.  @maltipoo_ruby — Ruby is a Maltese-Poodle mix from Melbourne Australia. In her Instagram account she describes herself as “full of spunk and charm, loves a tummy rub and most of all loves life.”  @matlipoo_Ruby is one famous doggie and has 9, 236 followers on Instagram. When she posts a photo her likes are never less than 100 likes. 

2. @mommasgonecity — This account is owned by Jessica Shyba, yes, she is a mommy human. But she posts the cutest photos of her son Theo and their adopted mixed breed doggie Beau on her site.

Shyba describes the bond between Theo and Beau thus: “Theo and Beau have a connection that I can only explain as completely natural and instantaneous. They behave as though they’ve been friends for life already; their companionship is similar to two friends having been apart for decades, only to resume right where they left off.” The photos @mommasgonecity on Instagram always have more than 1,000 likes. This account has 162,000 followers.

3. @daily_daisy. Daisy is a Maltipoo owned by Kate Torralba. Daisy, a cutie with a mind of her own recently set up her own Instagram account. In less than a month, she has 194 followers. That may not seem like a lot — but that is more than I have considering I have been on Instagram for a few years. In her account, Daisy describes herself as “a mini maltipoo who loves fashion, sweet potato bread and stoller rides. Living in Manila with her mom.”


4.  On Facebook, there is the ever-famous Beast, a fluffy and friendly Puli and perhaps he is the most well-connected dog on social media. His owner is Mark Zuckerberg so it is no wonder that Puli has over 1.6 million Facebook fans. He lives in Palo Alto, California.

ADORABLE. Beast poses for a photo with his owner, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo from Facebook

5. @barkleysircharles — Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog with over 90,000 followers. I love his posts because they are not only cute — also really funny.

6. @marutaro — Maru is a Shiba-inu owned by Shinjiro Ono.  The posts of this good-looking doggie are interesting, and he has 625, 000 followers on Instagram.  

Going back to my own Instagram account @animalsbesaved, I have had a few photos that got over 25 likes. For me, that’s already a lot. But there is one that elicited lots of comments — and of course it was one with an animal.


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