5 ways to lose holiday weight

Carol Ramoran
5 ways to lose holiday weight
Simple ways to help you shed all the pounds you gained during the holidays

MANILA, Philippines – With the pretty lights on houses and along the streets, as well as having the time to spend with your loved ones during those two weeks, the Christmas season was the perfect time to go all out when it comes to eating, drinking, and being merry.

But thanks to all the food and free-flowing alcohol, you might have found it hard not to overeat during the holidays. With all that down time, you probably weren’t able to burn those calories right away either.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you start shedding those unwanted pounds right away.

1. Get rid of holiday leftovers

The first thing you should do is cut the source, be it a bit of your grandma’s spaghetti or some blocks of chocolate from your balikbayan aunt. Having tons of leftovers around increases the temptation to gobble up fattening food. Clear the fridge and stock up on healthier alternatives. 

2. Drink water

Make it a habit. Some nutritionists and fitness experts even claim that drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up helps you digest food better and faster while cleaning the colon. It also perks you up right away.

3. Detox. Go soda-free

Opt for all-natural fruit juice, if you must, and good old water (better). You don’t need to put on extra weight after going all out during Media Noche and Noche Buena. 

4. Don’t crash diet

Crash dieting, though it might help you rapidly lose a pound or two, may actually slow your metabolism down, as the the body will attempt to conserve calories to compensate having fewer nutrients to work with. This makes weight loss increasingly difficult. Crash dieting also carries a number of health risks like nutritional deficiency.

Going on a crash diet also shocks your body, something that it won’t appreciate in the long run. It’s always better to eat properly – on time and in moderate portions. The general rule will always be to eat more protein than carbohydrates, and avoid those leftover sugary treats, too.

5. Get moving

Did you miss out on your workout during the holidays? Get right back to it! Not really into exercise? Maybe it’s time you make it a New Year’s resolution and try to see which workout programs are best for you. Maybe you can discover a new activity, like yoga, pilates, or trapezing

 Going back to work will also make a difference compared to all the idle time you had during the holidays.

Shedding pounds is always about commitment. Opting for a healthier you this year is also easier said than done, but once you start seeing the results of your hard work and discipline, keeping your workout and healthy diet will easily be a part of your everyday lifestyle. – Rappler.com

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