[Mother’s Day] Extraordinary teacher, extraordinary mom

Epi Fadrilan-Fabonan III
A RAPPLER reader shares with us why his mom is nothing less than extraordinary

STILL HANDS-ON. She may be oceans away, but Cynthia Fabonan still has a strong presence with her family in Manila. Photo from Epi Fabonan III

MANILA, Philippines – She might seem like your average mom, but for me, my mom — Mrs. Cynthia F. Fabonan — is the most extraordinary mom in the world … if not the best. 

Petite as she is, she didn’t surrender to all the challenges of being a mother. She raised three exceptional children (including myself) and survived two challenging relationships. 

RAY OF SUNSHINE. All the challenges of being a mom was never evident in Cynthia's demeanor. Photo from Epi Fabonan III

First was with my dad, which was great in the beginning. But when my dad left to work in Saudi Arabia, he developed an affair with another woman, and he and my mom called it quits. Second was with a former student of hers (my mom’s a teacher), who courted her after he graduated from school. But when my mom went to the United States to work, they had to go on their separate ways. 

Surviving these relationships, in my opinion, are part of what made my mom a remarkable woman. She was able to balance them and the problems that came with them, her work, and raising us kids all at the same time. We were always first in her list.

A HAPPY CHILDHOOD. RAPPLER reader Epi Fabonan took the effort to scan this photo for us, to show how happy his childhood was with his mom.

After my dad passed away, my mom took on the task of being the family’s breadwinner. Despite her age, she decided to pursue her dream of working abroad. 

In 2008, she went to the US to work as a teacher. 

I’m proud to say that my mom is doing so well at her job that she’s admired and respected by her colleagues. Despite the distance, she spends plenty of time with us in Skype, to talk about family and other stuff.

I just wish my mom won’t worry too much about us, her children. We’re all grown up and I think we can handle ourselves pretty much on our own. 

While, of course, it’s only natural that we seek her out when we’re down and lonely, in general, she raised us pretty well to become tough, determined, and competent individuals, eager and ready to face our own challenges in life. 

That’s a lasting legacy from her we will always cherish.

RAPPLER joins Epi and his family in wishing their mom a Happy Mother's Day! Photo from Epi Fabonan III

To my mom, I LOVE YOU! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! – Rappler.com


(Thank you, Mr. Epi Fabonan III, for allowing us to share in your tribute to your mom. Celebrate Mother’s Day month with us! Share with us your mommy story and photos. Email us with subject heading WORLD’S BEST MOM at desk@rappler.com.)

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