[Mother’s Day] The best talker

Jonathan Baldoza
A RAPPLER intern talks about the wonderful gifts he "inherited" from his mom

LISTEN, FOLLOW, THINK. All the lessons RAPPLER intern Jonathan learned from his mom, and more. Photo from Jonathan Baldoza

MANILA, Philippines — Mom is one of the most talkative people I know! But I mean that in a good way — in an inspiring and loving way. 

I’ve always believed that the ability to talk is a powerful gift, and that life’s little sores can be remedied even by a small portion done of it. 

No one else has shown me how the power of talking can lift up spirits, can heal bruised relationships, can make fantasies real, and can express the purest language of love than my mother. 

Growing up, her words meant a great deal to my thinking and my actions. I credit her for so many things, that even calling her ‘superwoman’ would be an insulting understatement, at least, for me.

She was more than that; she did more than that.

Because of her, I learned how to listen.

Because of her, I learned how to follow.

Because of her, I learned how to think.

Until now, it’s still an ecstatic pleasure for me to hear her stories — about life, love, religion and whatever subject she may deem appropriate for me to hear. 

These and so much more make her the best mom in the world. – Rappler.com

(We’re happy your mom taught you all these, Jonathan! Glad we have you the way you are here at RAPPLER! Celebrate Mother’s Day month with us! Share with us your mommy story and photos. Email us with subject heading WORLD’S BEST MOM at desk@rappler.com.)

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