[Mother’s Day] ‘Peace, mom’

Ferlyn Ramirez
A daughter finally seals in the remnants of a broken relationship with her mom

A LITTLE GIRL ASKS. Childhood was a long time ago, and Ferlyn Ramirez had been carrying heartache from then, fixing it with her mom now. Photo from Ferlyn Ramirez

MANILA, Philippines – God gave me a home where the light is so bright.

The day that I came into this world I was so innocent, soft and frail. 

Then someone took my hands and filled the spaces with hers. 

Day-by-day, all day long, she did nothing but to hold me tight, making sure her little girl is alright. 

I was in heaven in an angle’s arms, while she sang to me a lullaby.  

Until my heart started to cry …

I was distant from my mom for as long as I could remember.

When my father and my mother separated, I blamed my mom for it. I was so irritated whenever she was around; we would fight a lot. I was a “bad” daughter and now I’m really sorry for being one. It was sad to grow up with childhood baggage. Because of that, I wasn’t able to see my mom for what she really was, and all her sacrifices for us.

My mom worked in an ophthalmic lens company where she handled chemical substances that could cause different kinds of cancers. Her hands are scarred by her work, because she had to handle hot glass and extremely cold refrigeration, among others.  

ALWAYS A FAMILY. Ferlyn's dad may have passed on, but photos like these will always preserve the happy childhood memories. Photo from Ferlyn Ramirez

When my dad got sick, my mom had to resign from the work she had been doing for half of her life. She and my dad reconciled, but we also had to move to a new place to start a new life. We started from scratch, mending all the broken pieces of our family. My grandma (mom’s mom) was also dying. That was a time in our family’s life when everything felt like it was falling apart. 

But my mom put everything together again.

FERLYN'S MOM TODAY. The smile of a survivor of life. Photo from Ferlyn Ramirez

My mother carried all her burdens alone, and she still does. She admitted her mistakes, and continues to make up for them. Little by little, we are fixing our relationship, making up for moments lost.

I’m really proud of my mom. I know she’s the one whose love for me is everlasting.

You’re the best, mom! – Rappler.com


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