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[Mother’s Day] Is Dad’s Day, too

Danelle Jo M. Demetrio
Mother's Day can be for dads, too. Read this girl's story.

MODERN DAD. Who says a mommy-daddy would look soft and girly? This dad certainly does not! Photo from Janelle Demetrio

MANILA, Philippines — These past few days, I have been constantly thinking about how much I miss my Mommy’s presence in my life.

I guess this was especially brought about by the fact that I’m getting married this year. Although the wedding will not be very grand, it would have been great to have her help me choose the dress, shoes, and makeup. It would have been interesting to hear what she had to say about my fiance.

It would have been better if she was here with me, helping me get through these jitters.

But of course, she’s no longer with us.

She died on January 16, 2002 when I was 15 years old. That was 10 years ago and I miss her. Sometimes, I forget how it is to have a mom; but then, I shake myself out of it, and remember that — even though Mommy left to be with God — Dad is still here with us. 

MOMMY MEMORIES. My mom's last summer with us 10 years ago. Photo from Janelle Demetrio

Of course there are things that I cannot share with Daddy, especially the “girl stuff.” But ever since Mom died, Daddy has tried to fill her shoes.

I remember when I was in 3rd year high school, and the school prom was approaching. He went shopping for a dress and shoes with me.

I remember holding a dress up while I asked what he thought of it. He just stared blankly at the dress. But still, he tried, and I appreciated his effort because I knew he didn’t want me to feel that I couldn’t do certain things anymore just because Mommy was no longer with us.

And then there was another time in high school when I needed a haircut. He went with me to the salon, just as Mommy would have done if she was still with us.

I realize now how uncomfortable it must have been for him to be there. But still, he did it for me. And I’m pretty sure he did the same for my younger sister and brother.

He became our mother when we needed a mother’s presence the most.

BIGGER FAMILY. Our new, expanded family at our 2011 outing. Photo from Janelle Demetrio

Even when I got pregnant and faced the most challenging circumstance in my life, Daddy stood by me and defended me just as a mother would. Most fathers would be blinded by anger, but I guess he let his motherly instinct win that time.

He has remarried, and I now have two handsome half brothers. He has his hands full with a total of 5 children; he is a respected public high school principal and our church pastor

For the past 10 years, Daddy had become not only our father, but also our mother. Not because he was forced by the situation, but because he loves us dearly.

So, Daddy, Happy Mother’s Day to you! – Rappler.com

(Father’s Day is just around the corner. Start sending in your tribute to your dad, grandfather, brother, uncle, or a father figure in your life. Send us your story and photos with subject heading WORLD’S BEST DAD to desk@rappler.com.)

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