[Fashion] The art of the slipper

Who says rubber slippers are cheap?

COLORFUL, COMFY, SUNSHINY. The rubber slipper has evolved from being a house footwear to being the footwear of choice of beach and mall rats.

MANILA, Philippines — How do you know it’s summer in Manila?

Answer: When colorful rubber slippers are abound.

What started out as basic footwear for the home has become a practical alternative to shoes when traveling, especially to the beach. Rubber slippers are sturdy, easy to clean, lightweight, and — nowadays — even fashionable, so long as you know what to choose or put together.

A few years ago, what Filipinos would call “tsinelas” (slippers) and disregard as cheap rubber footwear was elevated, when the Havaianas brand exploded in the local market. All of a sudden, the boring “tsinelas” became a must-have fun fashion staple for fashionistas, and for people who live like it’s always summer.

The rubber slipper can even put the “chic” in a chic outfit. (On that note, rubber slippers also come in handy during rainy weather as an alternative during commute, when we want to keep our prized shoes from getting stained and destroyed.) – Rappler.com


(Make Your Own Havaianas happens this month, from May 10-14 at the Rockwell Tent. Let your creativity explode like sunshine. See you there, Havaianaticos!)

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