[Mother’s Day] A sincere tribute

Michael G. Yu
It's a dad's turn to talk about moms and pay tribute to the love of his life

IT'S WIFEY'S TURN. The author once wrote for us about 'Daddy Downtime.' Now he thinks it's his wife's turn to take a break. Photo from Michael Yu

MANILA, Philippines — I was very excited when RAPPLER decided to post my first submission and would have been satisfied if it were left at that. But to be invited to submit another piece for the site’s tribute-to-Moms theme for the month of May? Wow, what a privilege!

With another chance at having something posted and because of the heartfelt emotion such an uplifting theme can produce, I knew that I had to turn in something special. So, I sought out the love of my life for some inspiration. But after spending many hours fixated on my iPad, I still didn’t have a clue what to write about. So, I asked my wife for some ideas instead.

She said, “Why don’t you write about your loving spouse?”

I thought, “Hmm, a few more hours on Draw Something would probably do me good.”

Although the situation above is a bit exaggerated (I only played for one, maybe two hours tops), it serves as a fitting analogy to illustrate the difference in child-rearing practices between a mom and dad. When I think about all the sacrifices moms have to go through for their kids, I can’t help but be inspired by the perseverance and strength moms universally exhibit when taking care of their children.

Tell me whether these situations are familiar to you for parents with a baby less than 1 year old:

Situation #1

Mom: Has to wake up every 3 hours in the dead of night and feed the baby to ensure proper growth and development. Each feeding will probably take 45 minutes, including burping and putting the baby back to sleep. This cycle will repeat 2-3 times a night.

Dad: Has to wake up in the dead of night — twice to pee and occasionally to poop.

Situation #2

Mom: Sifts through all the baby’s clothes for no less than 10 minutes just to find the right set of pajamas (top and pants) to guarantee the most comfort for the baby based on the evening’s temperature. Prepares the baby’s pajamas together with all other required paraphernalia (diaper, diaper rash cream, body lotion, moisturizer, baby wipes, receiving blanket) and lines them up side-by-side on the bed to ensure that the baby is dressed up as quickly as possible after bath time to avoid catching cold. Baby is dried and dressed in 3 minutes flat.

Dad: Pink, striped pajama top with orange plaid pants … for a baby boy? No problem. Always scrambles to look for tube of lotion on the dresser while nervously glancing back at the bed, fearful that the baby has rolled onto the floor. Takes 10 minutes to put baby’s arm through one shirt sleeve. Has aching back after the whole process.

Situation #3

Mom: Excitedly describes to her girlfriends the intense emotional moment when the baby falls asleep on her chest, breathing softly in a warm embrace against her bosom, rising and falling in time to her relaxed and gentle breathing.

Dad: Is wide enough to balance the baby on his chest. This allows him to keep both hands free to continue the game of “Snoopy’s Street Fair” running on his iPad. When the battery runs out, has no clue how to pick up the baby and bring him or her back to the crib.

So, to all the dads out there who do not realize just how much moms sacrifice for our kids: let this serve as a wake up call for us. Moms are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

They are very focused on the welfare and comfort of our children. Every waking moment — and quite possibly every minute they are asleep, too — is spent doing everything they can to ensure our children are secure.

And whether we like it or not, we have to rise above our petty habits and childish behavior to ease the burden of childcare that they carry as mothers. It’s the least that we can do for the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet.

If you agree, come join me as we pay tribute to our loving wives and the mothers of our children. If there is anybody who deserves our love and affection 24/7, it’s them.

But, if you don’t mind, can we do it anytime except between 8AM and 12 noon? The NBA playoffs are on everyday, and the games this season are awesome! – Rappler.com


(Re-published and slightly modified with permission from mom.exchange.ph.)

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