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Frustrated with e-libel, netizens post #NonLibelousTweet

Rappler Social Media Team
Have you mastered the art of the #NonLibelousTweet? These netizens have.

SPEAK NO EVIL? Netizens fear that their freedoms are being curtailed. Image by Emil Mercado/

MANILA, Philippines – Many netizens grew indignant upon learning that the Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 18, ruled online libel to be constitutional, concerned that the decision would suppress Filipinos’ freedom of speech. 

Even an assurance from President Benigno Aquino III that this won’t be the case isn’t remedying the restlessness on social media. 

One amusing way netizens have responded to the SC decision is through the hashtag #NonLibelousTweet. By appending this hashtag to irate, sarcastic, or pointedly mundane tweets, netizens have found a clever means to show their disappointment as well as drive home their point about freedom of expression.

Here are some of the posts using #NonLibelousTweet. If you sympathize with the cause, which of these really hit the spot?


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