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RAPPLER recommends a gift perfect for the mom you love.

IT AIN'T OVER. Mother's Day month is still on, and if you're still looking for the perfect gift for mom, the PLDT Telpad is it.

MANILA, Philippines – The busy and instant nature of modern family life leaves almost no room for bonding and learning activities for parents and kids to engage in. Hobbies are now a luxury people have less and less time for.

In keeping up with the fast-paced times, PLDT introduces a TelPad application that will allow users to learn, bond, and have fun at a fraction of the time. The newest application, TelMeHow, is a compilation of quick instructional videos from various fields of interest, exclusive to the PLDT Telpad.

TelMeHow mainly reaches out to families, inviting them to make memories and explore hidden wonders in the comforts of their own homes. For mothers, most especially, TelMeHow is a great help in doing enriching activities at the simple click of a button.

PATRICK TANG, VP & HEAD, Home Marketing for Voice, VAS and Microbusiness

Tel Mom

Moms are all-around wonder women who single-handedly keep the household in tip-top shape. TelMeHow will be their best super weapon in doing so.


Every mother needs a good recipe book. Moms can unleash their inner master chef through easy-to-follow cooking tips and videos from top cooking blogger, Erwan Eussaff. The handy TelPad is a portable sous chef that will turn ordinary meals into scrumptious cuisines.


Moms are busy all-year-round; most significantly during vacation season, when out-of-town trips and activities are added to their to-do list. TelMeHow is a travel guide that will make planning the perfect vacations easier and less stressful. With mentor Lois Yasay, moms get expert advice from an experienced travel blogger.

Take photos

After planning the perfect travel route, moms need to know how to capture snapshots of their precious moments. Through Photography mentor Paul Ticzon’s tips, mothers can make priceless instances even more special and meaningful, through their own creativity and style.

Be fashionable

What mom wouldn’t want to stay hip, cool, and fashionable amidst her hectic schedule? Keeping up with the latest trends is made easy with TelMeHow’s Fashion tips. Mentor Bea Constantino shares fashion advice for the chic and stylish mothers out there. 

Stay fit

Being cool and hip on the outside should be coupled with good fitness on the inside. TelMeHow’s sports videos will help moms boost their stamina, something greatly needed in keeping up with their motherly duties. Kirk Long mentors for basketball, while Michelle Gumabao mentors for volleyball.

Learn first aid

Kids get into all sorts of jumbles and knots that usually end in scraped knees and tears. Sure, mom’s healing kiss can make the tears go away, but wounds need more serious attention. TelMeHow is also a first aid nurse that will help moms deal with the aches of childhood.

Enjoy music 

Music, they say, is a universal language, something that can bridge generations. In the same way, music can link parents and kids through TelMeHow’s videos engulf families in common beats and rhythms.

Mr. Patrick Tang, VP & Head for Home Marketing for Voice, VAS and Microbusiness tells us more about PLDT Telpad and the TelMeHow app in this exclusive interview:

Whether mom is a home buddy or an on-the-go trotter, she could always use an extra hand around the house through TelMeHow. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day month! –


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