Gotcha! The best April Fools’ pranks on YouTube

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Pranksters unite in these April Fools' Youtube videos

TARANTULA TRICKS. Lots of April Fools pranks involve creepy crawlies. Screenshot from Youtube


MANILA, Philippines – Today is April Fools’ Day, the day jokesters thrive and the gullible suffer (more than usual). Are you the type to play the prank, or are you the one the pranks are played on? 

Either way, whether you’re prepping for a major trick on your friends, or cowering in a corner begging for the day to end, these Youtube videos of April Fools pranks are worth a watch: 

Google Maps: The Pokemon Challenge

No other company does April Fools’ Day more commitedly than Google, and this year, Pokemon lovers should be especially on their toes. This video claims that the top tech company is rolling out an augmented reality game where users can “catch” Pokemon with their camera phones. For Pokemon fans, this sounds too good to be true, and they’d be right. So if you’re frantically booking tickets to the Amazon to catch your first Charizard, stop and head back home; your digital dreams have not come true just yet.

The No Underwear Subway Ride

Improv Everywhere are masters at large-scale pranks populated with volunteers, and their April Fools pranks are certainly top-notch. In this one, scores of volunteers head to the subway and take off their bottoms, revealing flesh-toned underwear. If you’re not looking carefully (since we assume that you’re not a perv), you’d think they were butt-naked right away. Would you keep your cool or make a fuss? These commuters’ reactions are hilarious. 

Guy Telling Parents He Got His Girlfriend Pregnant

A teenage son getting his girlfriend pregnant is the stuff parents’ nightmares are made of, and this particular guy deciding to give his parents a heart attack was the best plan for April Fools’. To be fair to both parties, the son was quite considerate to have his folks sit down in a private area to break the “news,” and his parents were automatically caring and understanding the second he confessed. Learning it was a prank, though, brought out the inner UFC fighters in them! Check out that grapple!

The Tarantula Pizza

Pranks involving creepy crawlies are the bread and butter of April Fools’ Day. Why fix what ain’t broke, right? This guy knows full well that his girlfriend is deathly afraid of spiders, so he went one step further and got a tarantula for his prank. You’ll never look at a box of pizza the same way again! (Make sure to watch it all the way through; the girlfriend’s screams are downright bloodcurdling!)

The Math Class Shadow

Don’t you wish you had a Math teacher just like him? What seemed like a typical projected PowerPoint show turned into a neat optical illusion! It’s pretty obvious the teacher really went out of his way for this trick, playing with technology and likely rehearsing before his students arrived! Did you ever have a teacher this dedicated to classroom shenanigans?

Guy Shaves His Girlfriend’s Eyebrow Off

The couple who plays pranks on each other, stays together? With the awfulness of this prank, something tells us this particular pair isn’t going to last long, though! We have to admit that the girlfriends’ argument that the prank shouldn’t have been done to her because “she’s a girl” can be ignorant and sexist, but we’ll just chalk it up to her extreme distress for now. Remember: pranking is an equal opportunity activity!  


Oreos Filled with Toothpaste

Got a sweet tooth? Best beware when it’s April Fools’ Day! With all the cream-filled treats out there, Oreos are not the only way to give your friends a mouthful of yuck. This particular video is a thrill to watch; it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for the guy to bite into the tampered treat, and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Defying Gravity

Here’s a lesson for everyone: always check your sources! In this age of information technology, fake news and hoax websites abound, and are perfect for an easy April Fools’ prank. This teacher decided to get creative and fool his students into jumping around over and over for absolutely nothing. It comforts us that some kids were skeptical about what their teacher was saying. We hope you’ll be just as careful and questioning, too! 

What was the craziest April Fools’ prank you pulled, or was pulled on you? Share your story in the comments section below! –

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