Archie Andrews will die in upcoming ‘Life with Archie’ issue
Archie Andrews will die in upcoming ‘Life with Archie’ issue
It's true. Archie Comics CEO has confirmed that the Archie will meet his death in issue 36 of 'Life with Archie.' Here's what we know

MANILA, Philippines – Iconic character Archie Andrews, of the well-loved Archie comics, will face his impending death in the July 2014 issue of the Life with Archie series. 

Yes, we’re serious – Archie Andrews, everybody’s favorite freckled redhead, will meet his untimely death in issue #36 of the Life with Archie series. 

CNN reported that Archie’s death will revolve around how he makes a sacrifice to save another friend. It will be released on July 16.  

Issue #37, which will be published a week later, will be the last for the series and will be set one year after Archie’s death. The final issue will feature how the rest of members of the Riverdale gang – legendary characters such as Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie – cope with the loss of their beloved friend. 

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater clarified that Archie will die in the Life with Archie series, which deals with Archie Andrews’ life after high school. “Most fans are familiar with Archie as a high schooler, hanging out at Pop’s Chocklit Shop with his friends. Life With Archie shows what happens when Archie becomes an adult and starts dealing with grownup issues,” he told CNN.  

He went on to explain that Life with Archie issues tell two stories – one about life married to nice girl-next-door Betty Cooper, and another about life with wealthy, glamorous Veronica Lodge. ButArchie’s death, he says, will be final – and will reflect in both alternate futures as reality, not as a “what-if” situation. 

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Fans, don’t be too devastated, though. “The main Archie line, however, telling stories of Archie in high school, will continue,” said Goldwater.  

The story was created by longtime writer Paul Kupperberg, with input from Goldwater. With Archie’s death, Goldwater said that they envisioned a great moment in “comic book history” that would also drive home the iconic character’s impact on pop culture as well as pay tribute to the smiling everyman.

We think this story is bigger than anything we’ve ever done – it’s bold, dramatic and best of all, a fitting end to the life of Archie,” he said. –

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