[Mother’s Day] Amazing

Lois Joy Guinmapang
The love in this letter just overflows

AMAZING PARENTS. Lois Joy Guinmapang's amazing parents. Photo from Lois Joy Guinmapang

MANILA, Philippines – RAPPLER intern Lois Joy Guinmapang happily celebrates Mother’s Day month by writing a letter to the coolest mom — hers.

“Dear Ma,

We’ve always been generous with our ‘I love yous’ and ‘thank yous’ and ‘sorrys’ in life; and when it comes to feelings, well, there’s probably nothing I’ve ever felt that you’re in the dark about.

Talking about feelings has always been our therapy, and it’s one of the things in our relationship that is definitely precious to me. But quite honestly, there’s one thing I’ve always failed to tell you, and maybe, just maybe, now’s the perfect time to say it.

You amaze me.

You really do.

You amaze me because you’re Superwoman in every sense of the word – you wake up early to make us the most scrumptious bacon and cheese omelette the planet has ever tasted, spend more than 8 hours a day dealing with clients at work, go home weary but up to prepare an even better dinner, and even manage to squeeze in your nightly dose of Dong Yi.

You amaze me because you do this and more every 5 tiresome days of the week, and you still look young enough for people to mistake you for my sister.

You amaze me because aside from being an awesome mother, you really are like my sister – you’re like the ate I’ve never had. 

You’ve held me through every teenage trial, regardless of how seemingly shallow they are.

Thank you for every nugget of advice, for every comforting piece of wisdom.

Thank you for holding me through my mistakes, through fears, through sickness, through failures, through heartbreak.

Thank you for not saying anything when all I needed was a hug.

Thank you for crying with me when there’s nothing else I can do, and for taking joy in every small milestone God gave me the grace to reach.

And thank you for helping me bloom from a clumsy little girl into an equally awkward young lady, giving me the best of everything all the while. 

BEAUTIFUL. Lois' amazing mom, equally pretty in her younger years. Photo from Lois Joy Guinmapang

Ma, you amaze me.

You amaze me because you’re willing to brave anything for your family.

You never quit, you never back down, and you always find a way.

I remember when I was stranded during typhoon Ondoy, you didn’t think twice to get to wherever I was.

I remember when papa started getting sick, you didn’t show any sign of weakness even though I knew you were scared out of your wits.

You amaze me.

You amaze me because your love goes beyond the members of our small family. You’ve always been helping people unconditionally, giving the glory to God.

You amaze me because of your unwavering faith; because you constantly strive to be a woman after God’s own heart.

You amaze me because you’re such a loving mother and wife, taking care of me and papa with every ounce of energy you’ve got.

You amaze me because you’re funny without trying, and because you’re still trying to rock Facebook in your 50’s.

You’re amazing because you simply are, and nothing I can ever say can justify why.

AH, TO BE A BABY. It was our mom's instinct to look at us with adoration. Photo from Lois Joy Guinmapang

Happy mother’s day, Ma. 

Love and lots of hugs,

Lois” – Rappler.com

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