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Camille Dawn Fabrero
Here are the shoe types EVERY woman must have

ALSO A GIRL'S BEST friend. Admit it, shoes also make you happy.

MANILA, Philippines – In the world of Fashion, every detail is important. Looking good should count from head to toe. Every piece worn is a statement.

Shoes are every woman’s best friend, especially since it is a big factor in completing one’s look. Each different type and style is suitable for different events, occasions, and circumstances.

RAPPLER suggests the top shoe styles every woman must have: 

EARTH AND SKY. Ann Maree wears strappy sandals with stacked heels.

Strappy sandals

Reminiscent of the Egyptian era, strappy sandals are perfect when paired with a dressy outfit. Straps could either just be around one’s ankle or criss-crossing across the feet. A perfect partner for summer outfits, strappy sandals are both informal and casual, while maintaining an elegant, sexy vibe. 

Stacked heels

Stacked heels are chunky heels. Perfect for the casual occasions, they usually come in wood. This shoe type brings the “earthy” touch to any outfit. Girls who have difficulty walking in stilettos will also find comfort in stacked heels.

BABY DOLL. Ann Maree wears platform mary janes.

Mary janes

Mary Janes are close-toe’d, low-cut shoes. It is distinguishable by the strap that normally crosses the middle top of the foot. Exuding the school-girl vibe, Mary Janes could be worn to give any outfit an “innocent, good-girl” feel. Because of the strap, the wearer has assurance that the shoe won’t fall off easily.

Platform pumps

Normally referred to as “dress shoes” or “work shoes,” platform pumps are perfect for the working girl. With its classic heel, the platform pump easily goes with either fitted pants or fancy dresses. 

COLOR SPLASH. Ann Maree wears lego wedges.


One of the more comfortable shoes in this list, wedges are more commonly seen in native or cork material during summer. With its flat, wide heel, wedges integrate comfort with the coveted height of high heels. Coming in different colors and patterns, wedges are perfect for girls who love the extra height but are always on the go. 

Lego shoes

Colorful and fun, this is the nature of Lego shoes. Taking inspiration from everyone’s beloved toy, Lego shoes are considered a couture creation that interests many. It could be considered as a haven for those who adore color blocking. 

PIN-UP. Ann Maree wears the classic red stiletto pump. Bring on the sexy.

Red pumps

Aside from being the color of love, red is also synonymous with sexiness. A touch of red could bring even the plainest outfits to life. With the bold, eye-catching color, anyone who wears red high heels would always feel sexy, confident, and powerful.


Stilettos are shoes that have a slender, pointy, and feminine heel that normally measures 4’’ to 6’’ inches. Dubbed as the “bad girl of high heels,” stilettos are normally worn during parties and special occasions. Sky-high stilettos not only add height to the wearer but also make their legs appear more toned and sculpted.

TOAST TO SUMMER. Ann Maree wears animal-print peep-toes.


With an opening at the top of each shoe, peep-toes are perfect for showing off that lovely nail polish and pedicure. Often rounded, peep-toes offer a touch of surprise that is not found in plain shoes.

Animal print 

It used to be an autumn-winter trend, but animal print has evolved to become a year-round trend. It can be mixed and matched it with other outfits. It could also serve as a focal point to an outfit, especially if worn with a plain ensemble. Animal print shoes bring the safari vibe to any outfit.

ON THE PROWL. Ann Maree wears animal-print booties with archi heels.


Nowadays, boots are not just for the rains and mud. Fashionistas of all ages have come to love booties, or boots with heels. Normally up to the ankle, booties are functional, versatile, and offers full support to the feet.

Archi heels

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, this type of shoe is for you. Archi heels, also known as “wearable art,” is perfect for the fashion forward who is not afraid to make a statement and stand out. Combining the elements of architecture with fashion, the heels are literally the focus. – Rappler.com

(Styling and art direction by Kai Magsanoc. Photography by Jar Concengco. Makeup and hair by Georginna Desuasido. Swimwear by Badj Genato. Shoes by Mae Sergio. Accessories by SM Department Store. Modeled by Ann Maree. Styling assistants Ira Agting and Ferlyn Ramirez.)

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